The Royal Wedding, Exploding Gas Prices, and Superman Lets us Down: the mentality of a servent

I normally have a lot to write, but today I am astonished at the level of inept servitude millions of Americans have shown toward the royal wedding. If you are one of those people enchanted by dresses and royalty, nobody can help you. Because while you were trying to figure out who made the dress of the princess, the unlived dreams of millions of young and old women manifested before the lens of their psyche of being a princess to some king. They forget that each and every person in America that owns a home is a king of their own domain, and every woman that owns property is a princess of her own land. For the millions that look to a far away kingdom, of a socialist economy, which is what England is, and get giddy feelings, you disgust me so further words cannot be uttered with my thoughts.

Doc Thompson feels pretty much as I do and covers it in this broadcast while gas prices shoot up over $4 per gallon, sad that the rest of the world is drooling over a meaningless event in another, irrelevant land of former glory.

And people wonder why they lose their freedoms. They are stolen from you while you are distracted with honoring others who don’t deserve your worship.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior