Lakota Tossed Away Good Money on Gary Hudepohl: Why people who don’t value themselves don’t understand the value of money.

Who are those vacant souls that cleave to chaos on a quest to control everyone from their self-important temples behind the desk top nameplate? Doc Thompson explores how a double-standard of racism is making Cincinnati Public Schools a maze of malice that masks the true conduct behind a school superintendent.

Superintendents are a mysterious species and within the Lakota School System Gary Hudepohl of Hudepohl and Associates made an abysmal statement in his assessment of what it is going to cost Lakota to hire a new superintendent that is business minded, and reflect the values expressed by the business community within the Lakota School District. His audacious statement, after the school board paid his firm 40K for just a search of candidates, is that the community will have to pay over 300K per year for the position of a qualified superintendent.

What?????????? Why?

This tells me that Lakota wasted its money on Hudepohl. This guy is as clueless as the people who threw the community to the wolves by agreeing to teacher contracts that blew the budget with no management cost controls. Hudepohl clearly doesn’t have his mind around the type of superintendent that Lakota needs, and the school board paid 40K for that bit of information, that we’re just supposed to throw more money at the problem. And wasn’t it said by one of Lakota’s school board members who protested the spending of the 40K on a superintendent search that 40K would pay for two teachers? No, it won’t. 40K will only get you one teacher at Lakota. How can they manage their costs if they don’t understand what they are?

The next question I have is why does it take months and months to find a superintendent? If I were paid 40K for a search, I would have delivered within the week. Why is Gary Hudepohl so inefficient? If our school system has to pay his fee, why hasn’t he performed? Does he think speeches to the board and to community’s business leaders earn his money? And why do we even need a superintendent. Lakota has effectively been without a superintendent for two business quarters now. It appears that Ron Spurlock who is an assistant superintendent and filling in the role has done a good job so far, and he’s cheaper. Why not give him the job? I’d say he deserves it assuming he can stick up to the union in that role instead of caving to it because he is a former member of it.

I know that West Chester Trustee George Lang was asked by Hudepohl, “who should be the next superintendent at Lakota?” George called me and told me what he told Hudepohl, “Call Rich Hoffman. He knows what you should be looking for.” Of course Gary didn’t call me, so instead, he is choosing the same old expensive, big government type that he believes will come in and be able to get control of the situation and sell the status quo to the community. That’s why he thinks it should cost 300K, because the new superintendent will have to be able to campaign against people like me, who can go on the radio and debate false facts and make people believe them, in other words, a union stooge that can maintain order.

Well, Gary, you are going to be looking a long time because the person you’re looking for doesn’t exist. You’re looking for a big government school type when schools need to be downsizing. As seen in the below article, Oklahoma just voted in favor of a major bill that will expand School Choice. Ohio is marching in the same direction. And when that happens, Lakota will have to become 500 times more efficient than it is now in order to survive. They think they do more with less now, and they do, compared to the massive inefficiency of the public school system. But the cost per pupil needs to be driven down to less than 6000K per student. And Lakota isn’t even considering how to achieve anything close to those kinds of numbers. And Gary’s 300K superintendent won’t be able to do that job so the 40K we’ve spent on Gary’s firm was as predicted, a tremendous waste of money that has delivered nothing, and won’t.

Oklahoma House Passes School Choice Program with Broad Student Eligibility


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — More Oklahoma families will be able to send their children to the schools of their choosing, following today’s passage of the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act. The bill will provide partial tax credits to individuals and businesses that donate to nonprofits that distribute private-school scholarships to eligible families.
By a vote of 64-43, the Oklahoma House of Representatives approved the measure, which previously passed the Senate chamber by a vote of 30-14.
“This is another step in the direction of choice for Oklahoma’s parents and children,” Robert Enlow, president and CEO of the Foundation for Educational Choice, said. “We look forward to seeing school choice continue to flourish in the Sooner State, and we are eager to watch other states follow Oklahoma’s lead.”
The Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act, sponsored by Rep. Lee Denney (R) and Sen. Dan Newberry (R), would make families with incomes up to 300 percent of the income needed to qualify for the federal Free and Reduced-Price Lunch program eligible to receive scholarships; however, scholarship-giving nonprofits must spend a portion of their expenditures for low-income students in an amount equal to or greater than the percentage of low-income students in the state.
Eligible students, 50 percent of whom must be enrolled currently in public schools, can receive scholarships worth up to $5,000 or 80 percent of the average per-pupil expenditures in the school districts where they reside. With a “cap” of tax credits allowed set at $1.75 million—and with the tax credit itself being worth 50 percent of the donation—the program will provide potentially $3.5 million toward scholarships. The program also provides a separate $1.5 million in tax credits for donations made to nonprofits that distribute “educational improvement grants” to public schools, which is similar to a 10-year-old program in Pennsylvania.
If the Senate agrees to the changes made in the House, the bill will proceed to Gov. Mary Fallin.

The Foundation for Educational Choice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, solely dedicated to advancing Milton and Rose Friedman’s vision of school choice for all children. First established as the Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation in 1996, the foundation continues to promote school choice as the most effective and equitable way to improve the quality of K-12 education in America. The foundation is dedicated to research, education, and outreach on the vital issues and implications related to choice and competition in K-12 education.


School Choice is the future of education. Not big expensive superintendents. Schools will have to shrink in size, not expand larger. And those are the facts of life.

Gary Hudepohl is out of his mind and is too expensive in his thinking. He’s looking for the wrong candidate and this disappoints me greatly and here’s why. Money’s value is equal the person that makes it. The formula gets skewed when you give money to people who don’t value that money, because they are people in and of themselves of little value. You can’t give a fool money and expect them to know what to do with it, which is evident in the exploding school budgets in all school systems. And in this case Hudepohl was thrown money by fools that don’t value the effort it took to earn the money. When you work in government, this is a common tendency because the money spent is seldom earned. 50K or 100K is all the same to a fool. It’s just a number. And only a fool thinks it’s appropriate to throw 300K at a position that an assistant making a third of that money is currently doing. Because to the fool, 300K or a million is all the same value, because they know very little about value, because as people they lack value in themselves.

Oh, I heard what you said in your mind. You said how can I make such negative assessments on people? Who am I to make such an assertion?

Well, I’m a person who knows people. And people who are attracted to board of education positions that are supposed to be a donation of their time, and very little, if any, financial compensation is provided for such jobs, are attracted to those jobs because those people are looking for value in their lives, because they lack value in themselves. They look at a public position to give them respect, and power. That’s why they crave these jobs for very little money because the money isn’t important to them. Because they have no value of it to begin with, they seek the approval of others to obtain the value in their lives that they are missing. This is why education is so expensive. It is run by fools that are missing much in their lives and pass themselves off as authority figures. That is the tragedy that has revealed itself and the answer to the riddle posed at the beginning of this article.

That is why those of us that do value money won’t just blindly throw money at fools.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior