The Black Swan: Take off your cloths and win an award!

My parents just returned from a trip to Tucson, Arizona where they visited one of the major old Wild West towns that appeared in many of the westerns from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. My Mom said, “My daddy would have loved to have seen that. I could just see John Wayne walking down the street of that town.”

My grandfather, her father, was a moonshine runner during prohibition, like a lot of people were in Appalachia culture. His father, my great-grandfather, was the guy that got me started on bullwhips. Back in his day he could crack a fly off a rail on his porch. But my grandfather loved westerns, and John Wayne was his man.

I notice that during holidays, especially on Spike TV, they have John Wayne marathons, so people my age and even younger still enjoy the old westerns. Why do you think that is? Because those westerns convey values that we still have.

Films have always been a major form of communication since they were invented, and in American culture they can influence culture tremendously. My children were very young when Rosanne Bar kissed a woman on television, and Madonna French kissed Britney Spears on the MTV awards. The progressive push has been for years striving to break down sexual barriers in film, because unconsciously, progressives seek to justify their thoughts and they use film to sell their lifestyle to the masses of America.

This isn’t a malicious strategy created by the Soviet Union. The progressive movement was started by Marx, but what we’re seeing today in film is not due to Soviet espionage in the 50’s as much as it is the natural reaction of vacant souls to fill their lives with other lives, living in a state of loss.

I’ve stated before that since 1990, all the best actress nominations for the Academy Awards Ceremony had to get naked in order to receive the award. Click here to see that article. For the most part, that’s true. The female characters must be sexually deprived, or mentally unstable, and as their reward for their decadence Hollywood gives these women awards.

Black Swan is one of those critically acclaimed films that Natalie Portman won a best actress award for. So I wanted to see the film. Is it a good film? Sure, as art, I’d say it’s a good film. Is it one of the “best” that Hollywood has to offer? No. It reminds me of how critically acclaimed The Crying Game was back in 1993. Oh, notice how they don’t show The Crying Game on TV during the Holidays? Why do you think that is?

The Black Swan is a dark movie about a good girl who is obviously schizophrenic to a unique degree, and the director of a ballot company is putting on a show of The White Swan which pulls his lead dancer into the role he desires for her by pushing her to her dark side, so she can perform a dance called The Black Swan. The whole film is about Natalie Portman’s dark decent into her most uninhibited behavior, self provoked by the director who encourages her to masturbate, and participate in illicit sex, to “loose herself,” in preparation of the role.

During the film, there is girl on girl sex with Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman where Mila performs oral sex on Natalie and it was quite explicit.

This film is just one more film in a long line that is of an obvious overton window push to more and more progressive thought. The goal is to cast good girl Natalie Portman into a role that shows young women everywhere that it’s ok to do the things Portman does in the film. Anne Hathaway did the same things this year in her most recent film. Notice how they sell the film in this clip.

Producers didn’t get together in a dark room and plan to conspire this deviant behavior to be projected to the human population. Instead, what is happening is that the vacant personalities that produce films that just look at raw numbers and not the essence of character create stories of an artistic nature that reflects their own deep dark secrets.

I know first hand that producers aren’t interested in characters like John Wayne anymore. Hollywood wants flawed characters that are in deep emotional trouble, so that unconsciously the progressive agenda is advanced. This is the reason for the decadence of our society’s female heroes. The message is to advocate what is corrupt in human nature so that nobody feels bad about themselves. For those in the darkened theaters who have plenty of trouble of their own, can look at Natalie Portman’s defamed character deflowered on-screen before their eyes and realize that whatever their personal faults, it’s ok to have them, because Natalie did it.

In exchange for this behavior, Portman gets her Academy Award and the respect of the Hollywood community as a serious actress, because that’s what it takes in a progressive community to be considered successful. Anne Hathaway didn’t win an award this year even though she took her clothes off, but she did get to host the Oscars.

What’s going on is that collectively, and this includes movie producers and other people, who find themselves in positions of power, is that if they are a progressive leaning person, it feeds their ego’s to see society playing down to their attributes as opposed to leaning toward excelling. It does these same producers egos much benefit to see entire societies squandering to their creations of mediocrity, of which the end result is to make mankind just a little bit weaker, and these weak souls of creation seem more important in the eyes of society.

This is an ancient tradition. High priests used predicted eclipses and other astrological observations to prove their superiority to the common man. Religious leaders the world over stand as guardians of salvation, hoping that society does not catch on to the con, and realize that salvation is within themselves. And movie producers, senators, congressional members, judges, presidents who mostly desire power seek to keep weak people in power, they need society to believe that they are weaker than those in power. The common people need to not reach too far, and to sell themselves short, to look to others for greatness, and not themselves. This is why so many people are attracted to the marriage in England and why people think that our elected officials are their leaders. People who believe and think such things are those that have been dumbed down and are looked upon as fools by the type of producer that made Black Swan.

The girl in the film, Natalie Portman, the hero from Star Wars, is undressed and turned inside out emotionally and shown to be just as weak as the average girl in American. She masturbates like every other girl. She has sex with other girls just like every other girl. And she aspires to be the center of attention on a stage all clapping in her honor, and achieving the feat by flirting with the director of the enterprise. This is the message of Black Swan and why it won awards, so that other filmmakers are hungry to make the same kind of movie, and to perhaps push the boundaries even further the next time for the next film with the next icon of womanhood. Is it any wonder that former glories such as Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan are self-abusing young people lost in a space somewhere between the act they live and the lives they act? They are kicked to the curb by the same producers that look at their sales numbers and think they are successful titans of industry, when all they really made was a high production porno, which deflowered what used to be an honorable Natalie Portman.

Good movie, bad message.

Meanwhile, millions of us will still watch Spike TV and enjoy the films that are over 40 years old, because in those films men know who they are and aren’t afraid to be it. And women loved to be women, and never considered making out with another woman just to fulfill the animal fantasies of men that have forgotten what it means to be one.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior