We Are Ohio and we’re Sick of Unions: The terrible cost of repealing S.B.5

We Are Ohio and sick of Unions. That’s what I was thinking as I watched the news reports of the various unions all over Ohio gathering up signatures to repeal S.B.5. Utter foolishness is what came to my mind while watching them carry their signs indicating that collective bargaining is a “right.” That “teachers are not the enemy.” That “they are the middle-class.”


If they are not the enemy, who is? A look at this chart shows why the teachers are fighting to get rid of S.B.5. Look how much more teacher’s make than the rest of labor in Ohio. Even people who have difficulty reading charts can see that Ohio Education Association employees make a lot more than the average middle class employee working in Ohio. And teaching is a theoretical part-time job. They have a real scam going at tax payer expense, that’s what we’re fighting, so are they the enemy? Yes, because they are taking money from our pockets! They are an enemy just as a thief that robs us in an ally. It happens in education, it happens in Medicare, in fact in virtually everything that has the word GOVERNMENT attached to it. Listen to Bill Cunningham discuss with a doctor the cost of the Obama health care plan to begin to understand what we’re facing just in the medical industry.

I listened to a speech at the Ohio capital steps where a man spoke “who runs to danger when we run away, Police, who teaches our children while we are working, teachers, who runs into fires when we run away, fireman. So let’s support them.” Fine, let’s support them. But that doesn’t mean writing them a blank check of infinite amounts of money. Those groups are taking too much money and mismanaged their funds raking up huge drains on tax payer supplied revenue. If they stopped doing their jobs, I’d form a militia to do the policing of my community. If the fireman stopped answering calls, I’d form a volunteer department to do the job. If teachers stopped working, I’d teach my kids at home. Those jobs are not as needed as they pretend. School Choice would allow children to get education anywhere. In fact, this is why teachers unions are against S.B.5, and school vouchers, because they’ll lose their monopoly on education, which is exactly what they have now.

I remember when the government went after Microsoft for their monopoly status in the 90’s. I remember when Teddy Roosevelt went after the railroads for their monopolies at the turn of the century. Well, who is going after the teachers unions for their monopoly? Nobody. Obama? No, he’s trying to build monopolies of union labor, not reducing them. That’s the situation we’re in. Ironically, Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, knew that we were in trouble and dissolved collective bargaining for federal employees. And Mr. Big government himself, FDR, warned us in the 40’s that unions should never be attached to the taxpayer. Yet that’s what’s happened.

There is only one place where the “rights” of the worker states the words that are listed on the signs of these people seeking to repeal S.B.5., and that’s the Communist Manifesto. Check out the 10 Planks of communism from that book and you will see where those people think their rights come from. But those rights did not come from the United States Constitution and certainly not the Ohio Constitution. They come from the Communist Manifesto and only there.

I don’t want my tax money to pay for communist thought. That’s what they have been doing, and that’s what they want to continue. When this issue goes to the ballot in November that’s what we’re all fighting is an attempt by these groups to preserve a communist cause in the United States.

That doesn’t mean that your average teacher, cop or firefighter is aware of the fact. After all they are waving the flag of patriotism in these rallies and they truly believe that they are fighting for an American right. But ignorance is not an excuse, and they are ignorant of the issue. Because many of them don’t read, they don’t know the facts. They only know what they are told by their leaders, and their leaders are open communists and they do read. They read the Communist Manifesto, they read the Coming Insurrection, they read Rules for Radicals, in fact the OEA puts out literature that quotes Alinsky. So while the fools carrying the signs and screaming about “rights” they have no idea that they are the pawns of socialism that is embedding itself in American culture the same way it has in Europe.

When my son-in-law first came to America I took him to the top of Carew Tower in downtown Cincinnati and we went to the top and had a look. He couldn’t believe that America had such large buildings. This is a kid that went to London every other weekend, one of the largest and most prestigious cities in the world. He told me that no city in Europe had such things.

I had always thought that Cincinnati was a pretty small town for American standards, and Carew Tower is hardly worth mentioning when compared to the sky scrapers of New York and Chicago. It was fun to see my son-in-law’s parents come to visit him in the United States and to drive them around to all the things that the United States has that Europe does not. His parents were even more thrilled than he was when they first went to the top of that tower. Baffled was more like it. They found it hard to believe that we had a building at Kings Island that was taller than what they had in London, and Kings Island is just an amusement park. Socialism is what the Labor Party in England is. They just call it a different name. And in the United States, Democrats are socialists. And Progressives are Communists. That is their shared ideology even if they don’t name it so.

I had a teacher that actually sent me an email telling me that I thought McCarthyism was an acceptable practice. Well, it was. Joseph McCarthy wasn’t doing some frivolous endeavor. He knew that communists had penetrated the United States, and Hollywood was swarming with them. Ronald Reagan was leaning in that direction when he was a man in his twenties. It was only after he did a film at Elstree Studio’s in England that socialism scared the crap out of him and he became a spokesman for Capitalism. It was this change in political ideology that drove him and his wife Jane apart. That’s how advanced socialism was in Hollywood. Ayn Rand, fresh from leaving Russia to escape socialism was working in Hollywood during this era, and it was among her friends and associates that she was speaking to in Atlas Shrugged. She had been there when socialism ruined Russia, and she was warning them of the danger. So the McCarthy hearings were not a waste of time. There was a lack of “political will” to follow through with the information the hearings produced. That lack of political will is the same as the lack of will to force Obama to deal with the birth certificate issue. Anyone that questions the issue is called a “birther” by the media and the whole thing is chalked up as a conspiracy, just like the McCarthy hearings. When Bush was president in the first decade of the 21st century we heard story after story about his draft dodging, drug and alcohol use, and anything that could discredit him. But when Clinton was president and wouldn’t produce his medical records, which appear to be to cover up his syphilis problems, nobody questioned it. And now Obama appears to be a completely illegal president, which should be of great concern. I mean, Obama isn’t spending 10 million dollars for nothing to hide the issue. Even if he was born in Hawaii, he probably claimed a foreign status to get into college, so somebody lied somewhere about something, and nobody cares.

The reason there is a lack of political will to follow-up on these kinds of stories, or even to call these public unions what they are, which are communist organizations that grow with tax money, is because half the nation is taking part in some form of government program and they vote in favor of big government types for their own selfish reasons, because of what they expect to get from that government. With all the problems with Obama, the Republicans are having a hard time finding a candidate that can beat him, because everyone knows that the various voting blocs, Hispanics, blacks, women, the youth, unions and all those types of voters will tend to vote for the Obama regardless of what is wrong with him. Why, because those voters are looking for government to do something for them and those same demographics tend to be emotional voters that don’t use critical thinking in casting their ballots.

That’s why there is a danger in overturning S.B.5., because those public workers, which are well over 300,000, which isn’t that many compared to the 11 million that live in the state, it is that same demographic of voter that the unions are reaching out to, the mindless, the uneducated, the lazy, the emotional, and all those who are weak-willed and have their hand out for government to fill it, with our tax dollars. The risk as I see it is have we gone too far now, are there simply too many of the weak ones, the people who are attracted to communism, to actually do anything to save ourselves and capitalism in the United States? Is this it? If Ohio does not show up for this election in November it could literally mean the end of America.

That is not an inflated statement. If the unions are allowed to continue to rob us all blind it will take at least a whole year to arrive back to the point where another bill like S.B.5 could be a law again. And without S.B.5, our education system will go bankrupt because the communist leaning teachers unions do not understand finance. All they know is that they need to continue to make extraordinary amounts of money for the common service they provide. And another year will be too late.

Those among us out there that still think with logic still outnumber the mindless and if we all show up and vote, we’ll defeat their attempt at repeal easily. But on their side, the losers, malcontents, needy, weak, and outright thieves among them will come out in great numbers, and their wives and parents will vote too, to protect their hook into our lives.

The right that public sector unions are fighting for is their right to rob us, their right to stick their invisible hands into our property and take our money without our consent and spend it on destroying our country to fulfill their communist dream like a disease upon the flesh of mankind.

Vote and vote wisely come November. This is a fight between the life and death of our country from the thieves of capitalism. We are at war, logic against stupidity, capitalists against communist, small government against large government. Be thankful at this point you don’t need a gun or even violence to fight them. All you have to do is vote. The vote can still beat them, so use it before we have to resort to the other.

Rich Hoffman