Channel 9 News Report on Eduction Issues Coming Soon: The Art of Divergent Thinking

Divergent thinking to me is the only form of eduction suitable for the 21st century. What is divergent thinking? Watch this video and learn about it.

On Monday April 18th, 2011 I did a long interview with Channel 9 News that will be shown on May 9th 2011. This will be an investigative report involving education issues and will also feature two other education reformers in Jennifer Miller formerly of the Mason School Board, and Sharon Poe, the leader of the levy defeat of the last Mason levy attempt. It promises to be a revealing report that I will not disclose until the airing of the program. Needless to say, there is a lot wrong with modern education, one of those things is in the quality of the teachers. It has been taboo to speak about this quality problem, but as evidence to those concerns look at this video just released.

To me, as I told the reporter, education is one of the most obvious things you tackle when you’re dealing with corruption, because it is obvious that there are many that work in the education profession that wish to hide behind the good will of the tax payer, and the robbery of that group is blatant. Now calling it robbery is not a stretch of extremist rhetoric. When money is taken from one group of people and given to another against the first person’s will, it is robbery. And all forms of taxation could be said to fall under that category to some extent. With schools money is given freely, and the money is spent and when the money runs out, more money is asked for. Most of the money is taken from the people who vote against a levy, and the money is taken from them against their will. I don’t want one cent of my money to go to a teacher who thinks like the young girls that are in that video. “Empowering?” I don’t want people like that teaching the kids that we’re going to hand this world to.

That kind of abuse makes me furious! And it is wondered by many, why people allow crimes to be committed right out in the open for all to see. Well, the answer is that people want to believe that other people are good, and have their best interests in mind when action is taken. But what makes people so naive to begin with? What makes them so weak-willed and soft to the core. What makes their beliefs so fragile, even malleable? I would put the blame on public education, where social engineering has been underway for many years.

I don’t believe that the social engineering was consciously manipulated, but is the result of an inner desire of all forms of government to dumb down its customers so that those customers will continue to seek the services of government. And the customers of government are the tax payer. This is the reason that at every turn government seeks to make the world excessively safe, and dependent, so that government can survive and expand providing security to the fraternity of government agency.

Any threat to that fraternity is to be sought out and destroyed out of preservation of the government entity. I make no secret about it. I don’t like public education. It does not produce the type of students I think are relevant to society. It’s not the kids fault or even the parents directly. The school systems have for decades allowed them to become social police officers regulating life’s dangers such as making the shape of a gun with a child’s hand while they try to play cops and robbers, or discouraging any type of behavior that might be perceived as violent. And the result is that kids grow up to become passive adults that are easily steered by the persuasive words of a con artist like Barrack Obama, or even a Bob Taft. (He was a Republican) How anyone in society could listen to Jessie Jackson or Louis Farrakhan without asking why those people have a national platform to speak from, but just to accept it as a fact says everything, that people have allowed themselves to become so dumbed down and sensitive that they can no longer think critically. The fault of that starts with parents and then public education is to blame. As I look around at the way people vote and spend their time, I would say that public education is a miserable failure, because people are only living the lives of a fraction of what they should be.

As long as Farrakhan convinces people of these types of things, people will look to him for help, just like the silly teacher wearing the “Tax the Rich” shirt. Anyone that listens to a person like this is not capable of divergent thinking, and will be victims of manipulation. Hitler used the same methods as Farrakhan and people followed for the same reasons leading to the destruction of Europe.

The way the world should be is that a school should not have any business in whether or not a kid attends school. Truant officers have no place in American society. Who gave them any authority at all? Of what intention were they even conceived? Is it of the social need of a child to get an education and become a productive citizen? If so, how have the results been? Have they successfully made American civilization a better country, or just a complacent country that easily follows new rules such as seat belt legislation, or legislation against texting in a car. Look at the definition of truancy as described at Wikipedia:

Truancy is any intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory schooling. The term typically describes absences caused by students of their own free will, and usually does not refer to legitimate “excused” absences, such as ones related to medical conditions. The term’s exact meaning differs from school to school, and is usually explicitly defined in the school’s handbook of policies and procedures. It has no relation to homeschooling, although sometimes parents who practice homeschooling have been charged with this.[1]

A good friend of mine recently said to me, “kids need to be pushed, and that is the role of the teacher.” That thought drove me to consider……………………..why?

People have a natural desire to do well. So that leads to the definition of, “well.” Someone must understand what, “well,” is before they can define it. But public school defines well in a mechanical way, by grades A thru F. Wellness is somewhere between those two measures. But wellness is much more than that, so with such a narrow scope we are already setting kids up to fail. We believe that to perform “well,” we can coax them to perform with force, and that is the role of the teacher, to push the child to wellness.

But this does not work, because if the child is not inclined to act on their own, then the action of their being is built on a false premise and a life of inauthenticity will lay in front of that person that they will carry into their adulthood. So if a child is forced against their nature, they are broke down and rebuilt into something else, and that something else is what we are seeing the impact of in the brain-dead nature of our society.

That is just the beginning of my dismay at public education. But as a fundamental thought I see abuse of public school officials taking advantage of a broken system by falsely advertising the benefits of their services to busy parents that don’t want to consider the success or failure of public education as a whole.

So there is a lot to consider on this public education topic. At the most simple form it is disgusting that we’ve allowed public officials to police us with so many restrictions, and for us to accept it without debate.Because we have been so complacent, it has empowered these useless officials in New York to contemplate the removal of kick ball and wiffle ball from summer camps. That’s how far it’s gotten and if allowed to continue, we won’t have much of a society in a few decades. We will have softened ourselves up like veal to be eaten by a superior competitor, in this case another country, or even a hostile religion, because we’ve allowed ourselves to be taught not to question, but just to get a good grade from the teacher who trains us to follow direction without thought.

This happens because of traditional learning that does not prepare the mind to think critically with divergence. If our society is to survive, we will “PRESERVE” the divergent thinking of our children and not destroy their minds with mind numbing, Marxist disguises of social engineering known as “public education.”

Reform now before it’s too late. And certainly don’t throw any more money at it. To find out why, tune in to Channel 9 in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 9th at 6 PM.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior