Donald Trump for President: Why Not?

Why should Donald Trump be the next president? Let’s forget that he’s flip flopped on several issues. Let’s forget about his multiple marriages. Let’s forget about all the morality of the position. After the Clinton administration and now the Obama administration, the American Presidency is a joke. The royal illusion intended for that symbolic appointment is gone.

Obama has made an absolute comic exposition of the presidency. He has shown the world that the President of the United States is a token, iconic role that means nothing. Obama is a community organizer, no different in intellect than someone who runs a union like friend Richard Trumka. He knows how to rally people to a cause, but he doesn’t know what to do with those people or the idea once he gets there. Obama reminds me of the underwear gnomes from South Park. Obama has lots of ideas, and he knows what he wants the end result to be. But he doesn’t understand the process in between of actually getting to the target. He’s an idealist at best, but a terrible manager. He wouldn’t make it past round one of Celebrity Apprentice. I would say that Sharon Osborn has greater management ability.

So when I hear people say that Donald Trump is not a serious enough candidate to even consider for the American Presidency, that Trump’s desire to throw his hat in the ring as a kind of circus stunt and not to be taken seriously is misguided. I say why?

Does Donald Trump know business? Yes. He wrote The Art of the Deal, a pretty good book about business. That would be a good guy to represent America at the United Nations and foreign countries. That would also be a good guy to help our economy out of the slump it’s in, and see beyond lobbyist to put the tools in the hands of business to get America back on its feet, such as drilling for oil in again. After all, isn’t that why we made Alaska a state? Yet we’re not using it. China and the Soviet Union are using their resources. Trump is already rich, so who thinks that money from George Soros could influence Trumps opinion?

Obama is going to raise over a billion dollars for his next campaign. Where does anybody think that money is coming from? It’s from our enemies, and yes, the United States has enemies. Call them that! What presidential candidate can overtake a president with so much money and ability to manipulate the population with rhetoric?

The next election will be a circus. Don’t have any illusions that it’s going to be a serious endeavor. So why not have a president that is actually successful at business, that represents what being an American truly is, that represents capitalism in all its glory and ugliness. I would like to have a negotiator like Trump on the world stage, and as for a circus actor, nobody is worse than Obama. He has lowered the bar to make any candidate a legitimate option. I could run one of my nephew that is 5 years old and get better results.

I remember the negotiations Reagan had with the Soviet Union during the 80’s and Reagan held the line in his sheer belief that he was on the moral side of God. His determination shocked many of his advisors who second guessed him to no end. But Reagan did us all a favor with his hard-line negotiations and in hind-sight appeared to be a brilliant negotiator. The United States could use the best that we have in that department, and in this modern age, it’s Donald Trump.

So I say put Donald Trump on the ticket. Let him go at Obama, because the next election will be a fist fight, and that’s the kind of guy it’s going to take to win this presidential election. Not some soft-spoken nice guy that is super smart but doesn’t have the ability to convey their ideas to a public that just wants to watch TV reality shows. Trump understands how to do that. He’s currently a TV star, so why not?

I think Trump is the best candidate. For those that believe otherwise and are looking for the spotless hero on a white horse, they are not options for 2012. Those people are working in the cracks of society and are not in a position to become president. Trump is the best strategic option to beat Obama. He’s the best option because Trump knows how to win at everything he does. The goal of the next election is to beat Obama. The current president is a cancer to the body of America.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Atlas Shrugged Movie Review: Doc Thompson of 700 WLW says to relax and go see the movie, it’s really good.

Doc Thompson of 700 WLW gave a great review of the film Atlas Shrugged Part 1 on April 19, 2011. Listen to it here.

He hits it right on the head, Atlas Shrugged is about the process that takes civilization to a society like Brave New World and should be experienced by everyone. The movie is a convenient option to the very long book that is finally available. Every student in schools everywhere should see Atlas Shrugged Part 1 before an english teacher ever considers showing their classrooms the film version of Romeo and Juliet.

Here is the great preview that Doc spoke about in his review.


My review of Atlas Shrugged is here  CLICK TO READ:

It’s a really good movie that deserves attention. The ambition behind the film is worth the support of every American no matter what political affiliation. Films like Atlas Shrugged are gifts to our civilization because it attempts to simplify a complex philosophy that is uniquely American.

Go see the film!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior