Glendale Tea Party Rally and the Opening of Atlas Shrugged: the film averaged $5,608 per screen, GREAT JOB!

What you see above is the back cover of The Coming Insurrection written by The Invisible Committee. It’s in the philosophy section of my second favorite book store in town, the Barnes and Nobles at Newport on the Levy. I have read that book in two trips to that store. I started it on a trip to Newport about 5 weeks ago where my wife was looking for an exotic cookbook, so I had some time to knock out about 50 pages, then I finished it on Friday night.

I didn’t buy the book because it is what I’d consider evil. I wouldn’t want to put a dime into the pocket of its publishers. I don’t believe in banning books, but fear nothing in reading the mind of my enemy. And that’s what those people, and any who wish to think like them, are. Let’s be clear about that. But fighting with guns and knives and sticking the decapitated head of my enemies on a pike is getting a bit ahead of things. After all, we are still able to attempt a diplomatic approach where the rule of law still has some weight, and as long as it does, I’m happy to participate in the battlefield of ideas with superior thoughts. But the threat from these fringe leftist groups is looming, and they intend to break down that diplomacy which will be to their detriment. For when and if they succeed, they will find that the only protection they had from people like me was that precious law they sought to overthrow and rewrite in their image. I feel such a warning is only fair; after all, they started the threats of violence. Richard Trumka has insinuated as much and given his connections to the White House, I can only conclude based on the arrogance of President Obama that a violent insurrection from those fringe groups is coming. And when it does, they won’t find complacent participants to steamroll over.

Part of that diplomacy and avoidance of some violent future is in the Tea Parties all across the United States. It’s laughable that many in politics consider the Tea Party group extreme, because as far as Tea Partiers go, they are a lot more peace-loving than I am. On April 15th 2011 it was a particularly important day for those of us that hope for a peaceful resolution to the growing tendency of a new kind of civil war within the United States, this time over class warfare. I was full of exuberance on this particular rainy evening as my wife and I attended the Cincinnati Tea Party Rally in Glendale, Ohio where Doc Thompson was the master of ceremonies.

It was a wonderful event set up in the town square that reminded me a lot of Glenn Beck’s rally in Wilmington, Ohio just a few months ago. Seeing people attend these meetings, hearing speakers like Doc and Mike Wilson, and meeting Senator Shannon Jones it gives me hope that intelligence may actually get our nation under control from the types of people who are openly seeking to rob us all with our eyes wide open, and avoid the future I hinted to above. Does saying such a thing make me an extremist? Hey, gas prices are headed toward $5 a gallon, and government seems to be accelerating the problem pushing us to electric cars. Public employees are threatening to repeal S.B.5 in Ohio with a rally of their own in downtown Hamilton on Saturday April, 16 2011. The people in that crowd were led by people like David Pepper. Look into the faces of freedom’s adversary. Here the Hamilton County Commissioner advocates his narrow view of the world with those like him, conspirators in the economic decline of our nation.

Here are those same types of people at a Seattle Tea Party Rally showing themselves in action and the contents of their minds.

This is the kind of guy our President is. I see his Health Care Bill as a direct assault on my country, and my personal sovereignty. I think his union support is an alliance of thieves, and I don’t appreciate him speaking to my representatives the way he does in this back-room meeting. If I were in that room and he spoke to me like that, I would have smashed him like a bug. That’s no threat, I’ve done it before to people over less, and his tone is “fighting words” by any definition. Very disrespectful.

That tone is no different from an invitation to a parking lot fist fight and I would have obliged him instantly. I can’t believe this guy is our president. I don’t have any tolerance for his “Chicago” style politics. Obama, Bill Ayers, Trumka have openly threatened violence, and I’m the type of person that will meet that blow for blow. I can beat people like that any way they want to play. They don’t have the intellect to rely on, so if violence is their game, fine. Big mistake on their part.

The rally at Glendale was very metaphoric. As I stood in the square filming and taking pictures there were three trains that passed by the station there, each at least 20 to 30 cars each. That meant there were 60 to 90 train cars going someplace coming from somewhere and that made me feel happy. The reason was that I had butterflies in my stomach over the premier of Atlas Shrugged Part 1 down at Newport on the Levy and I had read a lot of bad reviews from the Hollywood establishment and I loved the book and really wanted the movie to be good. The reviewers criticized the film for not adopting to the modern age by getting rid of the train oriented story line. And here I was watching three trains roar by in a half an hour from the CSX Line. Trains are a sign of an economy where things are happening. So it was my first inclination that the reviewers were missing the point of the film and were wrong about it. I had promised the booking agent for the film that Cincinnati would be a great market and I promised a sellout at the Newport on the Levy location, so all during the rally with the Cincinnati Tea Party I was thinking of our next destination which was the 8:20 PM showing of Atlas.

My wife and I left the rally to arrive at Newport in the drifting rain. The lights were on at Great American Ball Park across the river as the Reds were playing the Pirates. We arrived at around 7:45 and much to my relief, Atlas Shrugged was SOLD OUT! I have never been so glad to not be able to buy a ticket. We picked up tickets to the 10:45 show and headed to the Claddagh Irish Pub which is a favorite of ours when we go to Newport. We had a few beers, and watched the Reds game on the big screen while a major storm rolled in across the river outside. We like Claddagh because it’s a medieval looking place full of cubbyholes for the kind of meetings I attend a lot, where your neighbor can’t listen to what you’re saying. If offers the good kind of privacy for passing time, especially with your wife.

But that only went so far and after an hour or so, we went over to our favorite book store where I finished reading The Coming Insurrection. I became angry at the tone of that book, especially what was on the back cover shown in that picture.

We went to our movie; I was relieved that it was good. I already put up a review, so there isn’t any reason to repeat it here. Needless to say the weekend numbers were reputable. The film made a respectable $1,676,917 gross, averaging $5,608 per theater. The producers are considering expanding to over 1000 screens for the next weekend so that’s great.

I went to bed with hope that a violent future can be averted. If enough people become educated, watch movies that aren’t controlled by radical left-winged filmmakers which is just about everyone, and reading books that pander to a liberal publishing industry, while liberal unions are pushing for even more taxes to pay for their very expensive public wages, if the Tea Party continues to do its work and films like Atlas Shrugged are shown to people who haven’t or won’t read the book, this country has a chance.

The voice of reason has been quiet on the front of small government types and the loud mouthed big government types have had the microphone for way too long. John’s work on Atlas Shrugged is encouraging. I hope it goes a long way to waking up enough people to hold off the looters, and leaches attached to public service.

We are not a democracy. We are a republic. Union jobs are not middle-class. If they are public jobs, they work for the tax payer and the tax payer is not required to increase their budgets just to pay for labor we don’t need for a government that just wants to keep growing and infringe itself upon us. For too long we’ve let these big government types have their way with running our government and it’s time to stop. They can stop with reason and of their own accord but if they have in mind violence, they’ll get back more than they can imagine because they don’t have a right to steal from the rest of us. And they don’t have a right to a job. And they don’t have a right to over-regulate our states and nation just to create a job. Just visit your local BMV to see them in action. And on a Friday night, the cops with the checkpoints to issue out speeding tickets and DUI’s in order to drum up business for the courts, and god forbid the tax looters of all kinds.

If there is anything that one must reflect on tax day it’s, why do we pay so much in taxes, and why are there so many that want us to pay more!

I like the trend and I hope that the pendulum will continue to swing to the right and bring things more to the middle, because the radical talk I’m hearing from the left are fighting words that can only lead to one end, and that’s not what they want, believe me.

It’s not radical to not accept threats issued by these radical leftist groups, unions and public officials. It’s not radical to demand that government shrink. It’s only radical to the people foolish enough to take public jobs thinking that government was the way to build a career. The clash is inevitable with these people because they built their livelihoods on the backs of those that supply all the money and are tired of carrying the extra load.

Some of my personal critics have said about me, “you don’t work well with others. You don’t collaborate.” No……I don’t. When I’m hired for a job, I am the dictator that functions as the sole decision maker. Why, because to me, it is a wasted effort to carry around everyone else. I compare collaboration to hauling around a wheel barrel full of rocks, the minds of co-workers and other management being the sluggish rocks that do very little but slow you down and add weight to your load. My view of government is the same. Most of them are just dead weight that doesn’t contribute anything productive to the world around us. We throw money at them just to give them a job, and to me that is a tremendous waste. And the same thing applies to this whole big government versus small government issue. Government is not there to give you a job. Anybody that thinks so is sadly mistaken, and you should do yourself a favor and start looking for another line of work. It’s fair warning from fair people. Don’t make the transition any more difficult than it needs to be. But don’t make threats. And don’t play Chicago politics………………it’s a fair warning.

The Coming Insurrection might work in Europe where their minds are soft and their hearts are softer, but you can forget about it in the United States. Don’t even try it.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior