RIP Teaching Profession: Why are kids so dumb?

What does a “master’s degree plus 30” mean to me as a tax payer?  Yet that’s what a teacher from Lakota named Mary who teaches in a blue ribbon award-winning middle school, stated as a justification for her worth when she came straight out and asked what she was worth live on the air to 38 states and part of Canada.  She was responding to my appearance on 700 WLW with Darryl Parks on Saturday April 16, 2011 during his morning show. 

Come to think of it, what good is a blue ribbon award?  Who gives it out?

The State.


To give people the illusion that taxpayers are getting the value for their money.  But why do they believe such things?

Because people buy homes in school districts based on whether or not a district is “excellent.”

Who decides if a district is “excellent?”

The State. 

Why would the state do such a thing? 

Because it justifies all the jobs of the people employed in the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio School Board, the OSBA, and the Ohio Education Association so that they can make people feel they are getting value for their tax money. 

It is interesting that one day I drove all over the city and I noticed that Springdale City Schools, Princeton, Lakota, Mason and Sycamore all had “excellent” banners on their high schools.  That leads me to believe that getting an excellent rating is pretty easy, because so many schools have it.  So what’s the value in that? 

The answer to all these questions is that it’s all deception designed to manipulate people into voting for increased taxes on their property.  The teachers union has openly scammed against all property owners in the state of Ohio with their endorsement of these deceptive practices.  I hold them more accountable because they are the organization that provided the lobby to politicians and Ohio Department of Education members to obtain these meaningless ratings like “blue ribbon schools” or an “excellent” rating.  And the next responsible group is realtors.  They love those awards because it makes selling a home in those particular school districts easier.  So they are usually at the front of efforts to pass a school levy. 

Darryl hit the nail on the head during our radio interview.  He said the teaching profession will soon RIP.  Why?  Because technology will eliminate millions of teaching jobs in the near future.  It will not eliminate them to be mean to them, or to hurt their feelings.  Technology is the most logical next step in the evolution of the teaching profession.    While teachers should be re-educating themselves for the evolving market they are instead holding onto the past.  This is what they were doing while I was on the radio with Darryl. 

They were collecting signatures for the repeal of S.B.5. like a bunch of short-sighted looters that lack any vision.   The speaker in this clip says that we need good schools in order to teach our kids to read.  Yet with all the millions and millions of dollars we spend on education, out of the thousands of dollars each of us pay on our property taxes, 1 out of 4 people are functionally illiterate.  Because of that, our education system is a dismal failure that is in serious need of reform.  Just listen to Miss Teen USA.

So to all those fools trying to repeal S.B.5 enabling them to loot our tax money and give themselves vacations to Cancun should ask, what value are you? 

Can you honestly answer it?  Because blue ribbons and excellent ratings are just words on a banner.  The true excellence is in the quality of our society, and by the sound of that girl, we’re in a lot of trouble.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior