The War Already Started: Unions took the first shot!

The OEA (Ohio Education Association) is pushing to have portions of their members checks deducted so they can raise money to fight Senate Bill 5! One of the reasons the unions wish to make sure their members are so well compensated, at our expense, is so those members won’t blink when it comes time for payroll deductions to fight political battles against taxpayers.

It was not people like me that drew the line in the sand and started this war of larger government versus smaller government. Public worker against private worker. Freedom lover against the progressive. People like me were just living our lives, working hard, and acquiring property which is the staple of American life. There is no shame in that. Owning something is commitment to it. And without commitment, it is only human to witness neglect, because without ownership, neglect is the result. It is not people like me that decided that violence, coercion and political manipulation were acceptable practices. It was them.

Yet this is what unions have brought to our nation. I know firsthand the fights that happened in parking lots and bathrooms of manufacturing facilities. I have been guilty of spilling blood from attackers in labor only to have the police turn their backs to the violence because they secretly endorsed it. The cause of that violence, because I wanted to work at 100% efficiency when the union wanted to keep the rate at 50% unless more pay or overtime were given. I have seen firsthand the violence given to “scabs” that cross a picket line, only to be beaten beyond recognition and hospitalized for weeks. I have seen anti-union people in management attacked at their homes or employees friendly to management terrorized in ways that if the same happened to the black population, racism would be screamed collectively from the entire nation. The battle lines of organized labor have been one of violence with the intent of forcing more money to their pockets. It is simple extortion.

I know of stories from the early days of Warner Brothers, where members of the filmmaking community established the parameters still felt to this day, where cars were overturned outside of the Warner Brothers gate by cameramen, set designers and other production support personnel all in the quest for obtaining “property,” in the form of money. They seek to take it from someone else with the threat of violence, which is no different from a bully taking lunch money from some poor kid on a school playground. The intent is the same.

And things have not changed. A 26-year-old woman named Katherine R. Windels was charged with two felony counts and two misdemeanor counts for allegedly making email threats against Wisconsin lawmakers during the height of the battle over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.

She thought it was perfectly acceptable to send a letter to GOP lawmakers threatening to kill them and their families. For every person like her that does such an unspeakable thing, there are thousands, if not millions that are thinking about it. It’s part of the union culture. They are a threatening species intent on taking property from some and giving it to themselves.

In 2008 the LEA, the Lakota Education Association threatened to walk out on the kids they taught on a chilly October evening, for one reason, to obtain higher wages. The school board gave them what they wanted to keep the school open. Two years later in March of 2010, the LEA again initiated the threat of a strike, which forced the school board to quietly attempt to sign a contract over health insurance benefits while passing an operating levy to deal with the step increases forced from the last strike attempt. In August, the union announced they were taking a pay freeze to work with the district while attempting to pass another school levy. But the whole thing was smoke and mirrors. From 2010 to 2011 the top wage earners at Lakota, those making over 65K per year increased payroll to those employees by 15 million dollars all the while pretending to be on the “pay freeze.” Last year there were 434 employees making over 65K per year. This year there’s 625. That’s an increase of 191 employees that broke that barrier. Why, the threat of a strike. The union leadership would argue with the school board over every little thing so to frighten them from even considering arguing about a large issue, like wages. The intent is to take property and give to the union membership and to prevent anyone from questioning the motive.  (Notice in the chart below, the bottom line is what everyone else felt by way of CPI.  The top number is the amount that the LEA increased their own wages.  Notice the level off period in 2005.  That was during the levy attempt that year that took four times to pass.  Once it finally passed, look how the wages took off)

In Lebanon Schools we’ve seen the superintendent there make deals with the union openly violating Ohio’s sunshine law which states that interest of such a magnitude should be discussed in the open with the taxpayers that fund the whole business. Instead he along with the entire school board went into executive session to pass the union contracts. Why, because they fear the union more than the taxpayer, because it’s not the tax payer that threatens their comfort level. It’s not the tax payer that is turning over cars, vandalizing homes, and cars, or threatening physical violence to people who stand in their way. It’s not the tax payer that is threatening to strike and leave the entire school a lifeless entity full of kids but no teachers. It’s not the taxpayers that are sending death threats to law makers, so the tax payer gets screwed while the unions take all the money.

That’s what we’re dealing with here, violent thugs that have driven up their wages through pure extortion. And now they want to repeal S.B.5 so they can continue this game against the tax payer. Of course they are upset. They make good money that was earned with blood and violence, most of it they shed from others, and some of it they shed themselves. They like that government fears them. They like that the public avoids them so that the sham can continue. They want things to continue as they have. They have so far dictated everything and conceded nothing and it shows in their wages. It’s not inflammatory to say such a thing. It is a fact, the records are public, all one has to do is look at them. Well, look at them!   The chart below is an example of Lakota’s LEA and how they pushed up their salaries as opposed to the actual growth and consumer price index.  Notice they are way above the CPI. 

My purpose with these articles is to share with others what I have done all my life, so that they can take from it what they will and possibly adapt their own methods for dealing with the parasites that feed off all of us. I have no desire to avoid labels of “radical” or “brutal” in reference to my personality. I don’t care if I’m liked, or if I’m popular. I have no desire for public office. I have no desire for social acceptance. I care not to be a leader of the Tea Party. The leader of the Lakota School Levy. I care not who is leading the fight against the Lebanon Levy, the Mason Levy, S.B.5. I lend my help to all those groups because I lead myself and am firm in my own convictions and at the end of the day I have my books and I only care what they think of me. So I will not give unions and other government thugs what they ask for, and that’s the silent endorsement of complacency which gives them to power to rob us in the light of day. I will not make excuses for the conditions that allow the unions to think they have a right to exist, because I don’t support their right to any legal justification. They can have a club meeting in their back yard just like masons, or the Boy Scouts of America, because their value is just as important to me. They are just a bunch of silly people locked arm and arm advocating a “collective” society.

Now, I know what you’re thinking union thug. You’re thinking, “this guy needs his ass kicked, that’ll teach him.” Well, to you I say, join the long list of those that have tried. See there is a mathematical formula that dictates that a guy like me will always beat thousands of you and there is nothing in the laws of physics that falls in your favor. You only have power in a collective group shouting and screaming, and you have that power because you lack personal courage.

As I mentioned I used to be vice-president of a motorcycle club in Ohio. I know many hard-core bikers and gang leaders. I understand their thinking, and I like many of them, up to a point. That point ends when they call me “brother.” “I’m not your brother,” I’ll tell them. “I’ll wave to you as we pass each other on the open road, but I am not your brother. Just because we share a love of motorcycles, that doesn’t make us bothers.” I always get an odd look, but I don’t care. The reason is that saying the word brother affirms some sort of fraternity, which I find disgusting. It’s a collective identification, and that collective identification leads to a weakness of the heart.

One year I spent several months filming a documentary for an independent film company about motorcycle riders when I came to the realization that many of the bikers I liked so much belonged to a union of some kind and that collective mentality merged with the independence of riding motorcycles. They had this desire to ride in packs, and this drove me crazy, because it seems to me anti-American. So I dropped the project, because I could not truly show that motorcycle riders were the embodiment of a true American spirit, which I wanted to believe. Too many of them subjected themselves to collectivism. The group rides and motorcycle gangs were simply too similar to the kind of behavior seen in unions, which is not a pillar for which the United States is built. The country is not built by such fools. It is used by them. It is built by the individual and the individual’s ability to employ those people to some sense of direction.

Collectivism is weakness, and that is why the man, or woman who can stand on their own principles, are kings of their own internal kingdoms, and look in the mirror each day and like what looks back. Those types of people will beat those in collective societies one hundred percent of the time. The reason for the defeat of those in the collective as opposed to the individual is the individual that is secure in themselves find they are free of guilt. Guilt is what the collective uses to gain footing in people’s lives. And when you consider the strategy of unions they start with guilt. “Don’t you want the kids to succeed?” “Don’t you want your community to be safe?” “Don’t you want to pay the firefighter, because they run into danger when you run away?” They use the guilt that they calculate is sure to be there because we are all trained to feel guilt, and guilt is the pathway to the collective mind.

If guilt doesn’t work, then it’s violence, and the intention behind the violence is to make someone internally feel guilt for not standing up to the thugs, to hide from the disgrace and push it from their minds. That is why the public has thrown money for years at these people, to hide the guilt of their cowardly acts from themselves.

So it was not the tax payer that started this battle. It is a battle for all the reasons listed. The violence was started by the unions a century ago, and they’ve done to the tax payer what the progressive proclaims the United States did to the Native American, they encroached and broke treaty after treaty and pushed the Indian off their land inch by inch because they could. Because the Indian naively believed in honor and respect and they found themselves defeated repeatedly. Just as the tax payer does. The unions do not care for honor. They do not care for respect. They use collective might as their weapon of force to strike fear in the hearts of the human population seeking to expose the guilt they are sure to reside deep in our consciousness. And to cover that guilt with more money.

So remember that the violence inflicted is not just an attack on our personal sovereignty, but an attack on our very beings, because the attempt to is to inflict upon us guilt that if not felt in our compassion for children, or the safety of mankind, it will be the guilt of our own fear to act against the violence committed upon us. And that is the battle that they initiated and it is our task to defeat it in the greater war.

The first battle of that war was fought long ago, and many of us didn’t even know it was going on. We went to dinner with our families, to the movies with our significant others and followed the latest sports scores while these thieves robbed us under the cover of legality. Now that we know it’s a war that requires our attention, the first battle we’ve won was the S.B.5 Bill, and we must work hard to keep that ground, because there is much more of that ground that must be taken in order to return our nation to the healthy state that is required for the times we live in on planet earth.

So what do you think the unions will spend that money deducted from union member paychecks on? Manipulating the voting public and convincing people to tax themselves so the unions can protect the stranglehold they have on our political system. That is a fight that must be taken back to those that initiated it, and defeat must be in their horizon and retribution for years of looting against us all must be rectified.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior