Obama 2012 for President? The Sad Selection of People Who Think They’re Leaders

Obama announced that he is running again for the presidency of the United States. Gas prices are climbing out of control. We are in three different wars. The education system is collapsing under greedy union requirements while our children grow softer, and more progressive, and are losing the ability to think outside the box which is an American trait. The government is on the verge of a shut down while Democrats show that they are clueless in their ability to make the needed cuts to programs that feed their political base. Is it any surprise that Obama announced that his is running for office again? What other fool would want such a job that only the small-minded, unthinking, social engineer would even want?

On the below video clip Doc Thompson of 700 WLW discusses President Obama, and the union mentality that the President is committed to representing. He also discusses how the President has “punted” on the budget deficit, and how such a stand is an admission to failure. Doc covers a lot of ground in this radio spot, but the theme is that there are people who believe theft is their moral right. Obama is certainly one of those types. But surprisingly, so is Jessie Ventura, which surprised me. For a long time I thought Jessie was a freedom fighter, but it turns out that he’s one of those “justified theft” people. Listen to Doc and Jessie fight over the word…..”Compassionate.”

The Democrats don’t have a better candidate than Obama, which I consider to be a dismal reflection on the values of these mindless drones. The Republicans aren’t much better off. There aren’t too many people on that side of the aisle that could challenge Obama and his bloc voting securities, such as the immigration vote, the black vote, the women vote, the youth vote, the progressive vote, in short anybody that works for government or gets a check from government. Obama because of his skin color and the fact that he speaks, “hip talk” will get approximately 40% of the vote, because it is among those 40% that are the most weak and helpless in our society. In that 40% are the most intellectually lost, the type of individual that a guy like me might call “veal.”

I cringe each time I hear a report say that any of these people are our “leaders.” People like Obama are not leaders. They are representatives. Newt Gingrich is not a leader. Glenn Beck is not a leader. In fact, approximately half the nation doesn’t need a leader to make them safe, tell them how to think, or to wait for a check from the government. But people who want to be viewed as leaders want to give out checks so that people will become dependent on them, and that’s a terrible thing.

It really doesn’t matter to me who runs for the Presidency, because whoever sits in that chair is going to be required to get out-of-the-way. I have about had it with the mindless intrusion from such small minds who wish to impose some pathetic European rule, such as what we see in President Obama and the money of people like George Soros and his “open society.” No thanks George. Set up your new civilization in Antarctica. The penguins might enjoy your type of society. America doesn’t need people like that to hold back its ambitions. So my thoughts about Obama’s candidacy are that if he wants the job, if he wants to take the beating of that position, have at it. Because the royalty of that position is going out of style fast, and by 2016 the nation will have moved much further to the right and government will shrink by a lot, and if Obama wants that to be a part of his legacy, that a big government president scared the nation to reject progressive ideas, then I welcome his announcement with open arms.

But I’d rather vote for this guy.

Rich Hoffman