Darryl Parks Calls them Veal: The people that pave the path to socialism

Darryl Parks of 700 WLW had an interesting topic on his Saturday April 2nd, 2011 radio show. His question was, “Why is socialism bad?” After all, he argued, people seem to want it. They want social security, they want public unions, they want health care, government jobs, they want to be regulated by government for “safety,” etc. And he’s right, at least for half the country.

I was on the Big One with Darryl to offer my opinion:

I was going for a big topic there on a 7 minute radio spot, but I liked the question and the eventual debate that followed. I meant it when I said that I do not play the lottery, ever, because I wouldn’t want to come into any money that way. I would not keep money given to me in an inheritance either, or any other random act. In fact, once when my wife and I were at a casino cruise in Cape Canaveral, I spent .25 cents on a slot machine and lost my money. I was extremely upset so I spent .25 cents on one more try. I won back .50 cents and my wife and I spent the rest of the cruise eating from the buffet and watching sea gulls fly next to the ship while reading a book, happy I made my money back and was leaving with what I started with. I was done with gambling for the rest of my life. I simply will not gamble away anything loosely that I earned with my hard work for the fantasy of hitting some kind of collective jackpot. I don’t even do office pools for the same reason, which people think is strange because such things are very popular.

Why do I feel that way? Well, for the same reason I don’t accept help from people unless I can return the favor immediately with my work or mind. The reason is simple, because in my life, when I have to define it to future generations what I am, it will never be said that Rich Hoffman was bought and paid for. It will never be said that I kissed any ass to get my way through life. It can never be said that I didn’t earn every single dime I ever made with complete honesty. For everything its worth, to me, the highest goal a man can achieve is to be a self-made-man.

People will and have said that such a position is selfish. That taking such a stand deprives people of helping you. That it takes a village to make the world go round. Well……..no it doesn’t, it takes a bit of genius to come up with unique ideas, and people who are willing to do the work of bringing those ideas to life.

If I were to win the lottery I would have been robbed of the opportunity to earn the money with my skills and tenacity. It would be like winning a football game without the other team ever showing up and the score keeper just putting some points on the board, and you automatically win. For me, the fun is in beating an opponent, to taste the blood in my mouth from a hard-fought battle, to sweat droplets from my forehead in the hot sun, or to work late into the night to outsmart a competitor. If someone just handed me a check and said, “you win, the fight is over,” I’d feel deprived of a true victory.

I understand that my way of thinking is “old fashioned,” and probably is a complete foreign concept with today’s youth. Socialism is a big part of their life, and it starts in school when they are taught that nobody is better than anybody else. Everyone is the same. Except athletes and straight “A” students that can help a school system get funding from the community by putting those students on a pedestal. But for the most part, our youth is taught that it’s bad to excel. It’s bad to be the “best.” It’s bad to be strong, faster, or more creative.

Our government created millions of welfare recipients that have put out the lights of ambition in many people. When someone is given something, and they don’t earn it by giving back something of equal value, they are robbed of their merit. This might bother them at first, but once they accept the lack of merit they lose their ambition, and this is the cause of massive failure in the welfare system.

I once attended a trade show in Chicago’s McCormick Center for one of my products. I drove up from Cincinnati and was appalled that there were so many toll booths on the way into the city. Counting all the cars going through the booths, it was obvious that Chicago was ripping people off by generating enormous sums of money with the tool booths. So on the way back home after the trade show was over, I drove back through South Chicago and was stunned by how poor it was. My plan was to avoid the toll booths and get back on the highway far to the south. I drove through miles and miles and miles of slums and getting back on the highway that was built over the slums was nearly impossible. It seemed as if the slums were desired by the city of Chicago in order to keep everyone on the toll highway, and discourage what I was doing, by driving through a crime riddled neighborhoods to leave the city.

I looked at angry faces at every stop sign at every block. I had a few arguments with men and boys that shouted racist slurs at me and I expected at any moment to have a gun fight right in the street. It was obvious to me that the good intentions of socialism as implemented in the welfare system was a massive failure, and I felt sorry for the people I was seeing. I knew that if I could have a few of those angry young boys for a few weekends, and take them on a camping trip and teach them to value themselves, I could probably help some of them a little, because what was missing was a sense of value in their lives. They had learned and accepted to live off the government, and had lost their ambition. They had lost their merit. It is no wonder they turned to crime, trying to steal back from society what was robbed from them, which is their honor. The crime began with our government “helping them.”

Anytime you make someone dependent on you, a crime has been committed because you have stolen from them some merit.

This is why when people who have lost their merit, or never had it to begin with because their parents didn’t provide them with a sense of value, and they inherit money, or win the lottery, they go broke in just a few years. The money does not make them better people. Money cannot buy merit, or honor. Money is only as good as the people who hold it. Social problems cannot be fixed by throwing money at those problems.

The same thing happens when an owner of a business works hard to build that business, and then passes it on to his kids later in life, only to have the kids screw it up. The kids don’t work the business the same because they didn’t earn it.

This is my primary problem with the whole teacher salary issue. I would argue that a few teachers may be worth 70K or 80K per year, but because of the socialist tendencies of the teachers unions, all teachers with tenure, and certain degrees make the same “step increases,” so they all make that kind of money. That’s an insane idea. All it does is drive up the labor costs for the district! That’s why the S.B.5 Bill that Governor Kasich signed recently was so important, because it will allow school boards to stop that terrible imposition of their budgets. Money does not make a good teacher, just like it doesn’t make a good person. You may pay a good teacher not to leave you because of their merit, which makes you value them over others because what they bring to the table is valuable. But to pay everyone incremental amounts of money is built along the same lines as a lottery. You’re giving people something they don’t deserve. They are just getting money because they filled legal qualifications. Not because they fought hard and earned it in competition with others.

Speaking of Governor Kasich you can tell a lot about people when they are “tested.” Here is a great video from a couple of years ago with Bill Cunningham and John Kasich talking about what should be done to regain the principles of American value. It’s ironic that Cunningham seems poised to question the integrity of Kasich. “What kind of governor will you be, will you be like Regan, or will you be like Taft?” So far, Kasich has lived up to what he said here. He’s playing hardball, and being tough, doing the hard things Cunningham challenged him on, where Bill Cunningham once he realized that a smaller government meant reducing the strength of public sector unions backed off recently and has turned against Kasich over S.B.5. Cunningham has begun the movement to undo the bill encouraging a referendum as fast as Kasich signed it. This is the difference between “talking tough,” and being ”tough.”

Kasich is a self-made man, and he governs that way. Willie did work for the public sector, so he cannot see the socialist tendencies present, because he accepted them in his past. He can justify them, but cannot speak against them now, even when it’s the right thing to do.

There have been plenty of warnings about what socialism will do to people who embrace it. If you haven’t seen it, here is a version of George Orwell’s, Animal Farm. The British animation firm of John Halas and Joy Batchelor perform yeoman service in adapting George Orwell’s allegorical novel Animal Farm to the screen. As any high-school English student can tell you, the original 1945 novel was Orwell’s spin on the rise and fall of the Communist myth. A group of intelligent animals overthrow their corrupt human owner and set up their own self-sustained farm, predicated on an idealistic credo: “All Animals are Created Equal”, “No Animal Shall Ever Drink Liquor”, “Four Legs Good: Two Legs Bad” etc. But when Snowball the Pig (read: Trotsky) is overthrown by the despotic Napoleon (read: Stalin), all idealism goes out the window, and soon the pigs are ruling dictatorially over the other animals. Before long, Animal Farm operates on but one principle: “All Animals Are Created Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others.” Orwell’s ironic ending, in which it becomes impossible to tell the difference between the Pigs and the Humans, is blunted in favor of a grafted-on happy ending, perhaps to mollify the kiddie trade. Maurice Denham supplies all the character’s voices, while Gordon Heath serves as narrator.

The warning signs have always been there for us in literature, whether it’s from George Orwell, or Ayn Rand, the analysis on socialism as been conducted.

Socialism is a disease that robs society of ambition and takes us down only one path, our eventual destruction.

But there are those in government who use the excuse to “help” people in order to place themselves in the managing role, so their support is simply a power grab built on the backs of slaves. They will exploit millions of people’s integrity in order to feed their own egos for power. That’s why socialism will never work.

And before anybody says that my thoughts are part of a well-funded conspiracy from the right-wing, Glenn Beck, Ayn Rand, Rush Limbaugh, or Fox News in general, or even talk radio like WLW, guess again, because the Hollywood left is programming socialism into our kids at every entry point, entertainment, education, music, and there is a lot of money in the push for socialism. The conservative push back to the right is being done because of the years and years of propaganda from the left while we weren’t paying attention. That’s why they’re so mad at the Tea Party movement. Socialists don’t want to see the nation swing back away from what they worked so hard to penetrate our culture with by way of influence.

Here’s just one example from the Comedy Central cartoon South Park. Guess popular culture doesn’t want young people to read Atlas Shrugged……………..why do you think that is?

Here is Ayn Rand arguing against socialism and President Obama promoting it.

Socialism is a terrible concept which leads to all out communism and the eventual destruction of the culture that embodies it. If you don’t want to hear me yell about it on WLW, or Glenn Beck yell about it on Fox News, or Milton Freeman lecture about it try Ayn Rand from 1961. Ayn was a little girl when socialism took over her country of Russia and she dedicated her life to combating the disease of socialism because she had seen firsthand what it did to her home country. She fled to the United States and fell in love with skyscrapers, because such a thing could have never been built without American ingenuity and the power of individuals in a capitalist society.

Capitalism works because it allows for merit. Socialism doesn’t work because it robs people of merit. To see why just look at the high cost of education in your local community, and the blank look of our children coming out of those schools, and have the courage to ask the hard question……..why did I surrender our children to a blank, meritless life of socialism?

And why did I buy that lottery ticket hoping to escape the perils of life by wimping out when times are tough. Money won’t make a person better if they lack merit to begin with. And people with merit will find that money isn’t that difficult to obtain, because the world lacks people with true merit.

Darryl Parks is right when he says that only the weak, veal type people in our society are attracted to socialism. Let’s just hope that the weak don’t outnumber the strong, because that’s when freedom dies forever. And socialism knows it. So long as the welfare system expands, so long as government continues to be a primary employer, so long as public sector unions exist, the weak will continue to put representatives into our republic that will slowly convert our society into socialism.

How do we get more people strong in our society, so we can get the country moving back toward capitalism? You have to stop pandering to people. Stop coddling that child every time they bump their head. Stop dressing your kids in elbow pads and knee pads. Stop trying to breast feed your kids even when they are 16 to 17 years old. In fact, this is the path of socialism, watch this clip of Hugh Jackman zip lining into the Sydney Opera House. I think Jackman did well. He came in too fast, but so what. He was able to make his transfer to his rappel line. But look at the women’s reactions here.

All those girls and women are probably going to have kids, and they’ll be the ones to pander to their children’s every whims, and nobody will attempt to toughen up those kids creating a society of……..as Darryl calls them………………………….veal.

Veal is good for only one thing, to be eaten. And you can’t build a country on people like that and expect it to stay strong for long. That’s when socialism takes over.

Rich Hoffman