Mark North is Challenged to a Debate: April 9th on the Darryl Parks Show

Rick McPherson did the unthinkable. He went on the sacred airwaves of 700 WLW during the Darryl Parks show and challenged Mark North, superintendent of the Lebanon School System to an on-the-air debate over the actions taken by the Lebanon School Board to approve union contracts prior to Governor Kasich signing the S.B.5 bill which would eliminate collective bargaining agreements. If North had held tight he could have used S.B.5 to drive down the costs of his district and avoid a school levy.

It was a bold challenge given by a man who knows that the Lebanon Superintendent is guilty of subverting the confidence of the taxpayers in the school district while at the same time encouraging them to pass a levy on the May ballot. Listen to that interview and challenge here. Darryl Parks upon hearing this information declared his support toward defeating the Lebanon School Levy with the very powerful 50,000 Watts of The Big One radio station, one of the most powerful radio stations in the country.

Mark North has two choices. He can ignore the challenge and attempt to point his finger at those opposed to the increase in taxes as simple “bomb throwers.” He’ll do that because he doesn’t have the guts to face McPherson on WLW during the Darryl Parks show of April 9th. North knows he’s wrong and has been caught doing the unspeakable, making deals with the union prior to passage of a controversial bill and proving his loyalty to the unions, and not the tax payers of the district. He also knows that he and the school board members are guilty of violating the “sunshine law” which prohibits discussions and deals such as what transpired prior to the last Lebanon School Board meeting.

If Mr. North were innocent of such allegations, he’ll gladly be prepared to go on the Big One to defend the reputation of his district under his leadership. Because in the court of public opinion, silence means your guilty. The branch of truth has officially been extended for him to defend these actions for all to hear and to settle any misconceptions the public may have about the situation.

But, the video of the meeting speaks otherwise. Unless he can prove otherwise in a debate with McPherson on Darryl Parks show the proof of the despicable acts committed under his leadership will be confirmed in his silence.

Stay tuned, because we’re just getting started.

This isn’t a witch hunt to those of you that wish to think so. This is a demand of honesty, and for the system to work as it is supposed to. This is a demand to not perform illegal activity behind closed doors, and then ask tax payers to pay for incompetence. That’s all it is. If it’s painful, well……too bad. Your public officials and your boss want to know why you behaved the way you have, and you owe an explanation. Why not provide that explanation on the 50,000 Watt FLAME THROWER, 700 WLW for all to hear?

Declare your innocence…..if you can. After all, anyone that makes $149,937 a year should have no problem talking to half a million people over 38 states and part of Canada. Show up on April 9th and the debate will occur without a representative from the Lebanon School System.

The choice is yours…………………

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior