Understanding Multiculturalism: The Good Guys are the Bad Guys, and the Bad Guys are the Good Guys.

Multiculturalism is not a bad thing; in fact it is quite healthy and has most been successful in the United States. There is nowhere on Earth that groups as divers as the Amish and the most gang inspired African-American’s can co-exist in relative harmony.

America is proof that multiculturalism can work in the world as mankind moves toward an identity more akin to Earthlings as opposed to the national identities and religions known today.

With that statement, I may sound like I’m endorsing something like what George Soros stands behind, an “open society.” Absolutely not! I am all for a one world order if that one world resembles the success of the United States as opposed to the communist leanings that much of the world openly embraces. And with that said, I do not support American imperialism either. I have no wish to impose American will on other countries. I would prefer to take the high ground and lead by example and let the success of the United States inspire the world to be a freer and fair place. It is America that is the only opportunity for such a concept in the world, without exception. So if you truly want to see rights for women, equality of races, or freedom of religion, then you will support American philosophy with open arms.

But………..there are enemies that speak of American Imperialism and the evil United States as if America is the worst invention ever to befall mankind. And shamefully, this does not come from just outside our country, but from within it with almost equal force. Our universities and aspects of public education have been open freeways of hypocritical anti-American sentiment that we’ve funded generously with public funds, as though we wish to fund our own destruction.

I have argued for years with the mindless type that just wants to take the blue pill and eat at fast food restaurants. They don’t want to be encumbered with thoughts of deep scrutiny, and it is a crime in itself, because America has enemies that wish to destroy it, so that certain cultures can reign without opposition in an infantile quest to conquer the world. The radical Muslim culture is one of those groups, which have such a terrestrial understanding of spirituality which they seek to impose on others, that they have made themselves dangerous to others. And they have captured popular opinion in such a way to make society paralyzed to criticism. In America we have freedom of religion, because what someone does to have an understanding with their God is their business. But not something that is to be used to manipulate society. The same people who complain about our nation’s courthouses displaying the Ten Commandments are those that are preaching that radical Islamic rule is beneficial to mankind. The same people who advocate the rights of women in the United States are the same that will support the treatment of women in a way that would be considered inhuman for a dog in the Muslim culture.

None of that is our business in America, only that we find the limits of their spiritual understanding to be naïve and foolish compared to our own experience, even though we’ve been too kind to speak such things out of fear of hurting their feelings. God forbid we do something so devastating to the radicals throughout the world as to judge them on their merits.

The other issue that has paralyzed us all is this guilt over slavery. America ended slavery. England brought it to the colonies and America ended it. That’s all anybody needs to know. There is still slavery in much of the world including in Africa. Sex slavery is a MAJOR problem in the world still, and who is speaking out for those poor kids and women kidnapped and used like useless rags destroying their lives before they even get started. Where is Jessie Jackson on that matter? Or Louis Farrakhan?

The answer is that the civil rights movement is a power grab. Americans have always been good people that loved freedom and is a place where religious tolerance and slavery could actually be discussed. We had our Salam Witch trials which we’ve as a culture rejected. As an American culture we’ve rejected slavery. America did those things on their own, nobody else. So the time to feel guilty about it is over.

The time to allow small minds to continue to ruin American culture is over.

I’ve always worn a cowboy hat, even when I was a kid. And of course that got me a lot of grief from progressive minded people that thought cowboy hats were out of fashion. The cowboy is a symbol of what America used to be, not what it was going to be, so I heard plenty of giggles and Lone Ranger jokes.

I’ve heard comments about my hat from a group of kids not too far away that thought I couldn’t hear, and I noticed that all the males of that group nearly had their pants around their knees, as they were trying to emulate the “rap” culture given to them from MTV. So they accept that their pants can be worn so far down that they have to hold their pants with their free hand to keep them from falling off. Yet a cowboy hat is something to belittle. That’s the progressive work that is firmly in place and has been for a number of years, and it’s misinformed. We can argue forever that there is a collective mind behind this progressive movement that is intent on the destruction of American value and the advancement of Islamic fundamentalism, African-American heritage, and pro-socialist agenda’s originating from Europe, and is a malicious attack on our country without guns, and is intentional. But that has been the result, intentional or not. The Black Panther voter intimidation case that the DOJ ignored is a perfect example of this. Recently Chick-fil-A came under attack by gay marriage groups, and we continue to hear absurd defense of the radical Muslim faith. There are too many wrongs being committed that are off limits by radicals that are ready to call people names for doing what is right. These people are no different than the spoiled child that has parents that pander to their every whim. No group in America or the world should be able to scream and cry and get an audience of any weight, yet we foolishly listen to these children to our own peril and allow ourselves to be paralyzed with guilt.

I feel no such guilt. I see that the intent behind these attempts are to destroy what has been built of the greatest nation on earth. And the reason is that the competition to catch up to that nation is just too steep for these lazy radicals that know their ideas cannot match that of American freedom. They also know that there are many that share their laziness so there is always an army of screaming, child-like minds ready to protest, because complaining is easier than action. Rioting is easier than building, so there is no shortage of those squeaking wheels desiring grease.

It is time to stop putting oil on those wheels and proclaiming them broken, beyond repair. We must not bend the greatness of our nation to these mindless radicals. It is the great responsibility of our age and it must be met with more than thought.

The world is counting on us to do so. The hope for the African village being tyrannized by tribes of terrorists seizing food supplies to be sold on the black market sent by America to that village is not in the UN. It is in American culture that spills over our boarder to those unfortunate places as inspiration. Or the 9 year old boy in the Philippians stolen while fishing for food and sold into the sex trade of some wealthy businessman seeking only some decadent act to satisfy his darkest fantasies. America is the only place on earth capable of doing anything about such terrible acts. They are the only place that will even discuss it! Pick a spot on the map and name your evil. The only defender on the planet capable of even addressing it is America, or the idea of America. And the enemies of America know it. That is why they attempt to paralyze America with self-conscious fear. And that must stop before it’s too late.

America may not be perfect, and it may take several decades to work out all the details of multicultural evolution, but no country has made as much ground as the United States have in the history of the world. The ones that point out those small imperfections are the same that wish to use imperfection for their own climb to power so that they can illusion their minds with authority.

While this battle takes place, I will continue to wear my cowboy hats proudly so the right kind of people know where I stand in the confusing lines of multicultural association.

Rich Hoffman


4 thoughts on “Understanding Multiculturalism: The Good Guys are the Bad Guys, and the Bad Guys are the Good Guys.

  1. Well done. I was made aware of the video of the Paris shop owner last night. Wrapping my brain around her situation was horrifying and quite disturbing. I’m not sure how much more we can pile on America’s plate but I can tell you that this spread like wildfire within my circles. Family, friends, everyone had a comment and I could almost see the bubble above their head with the question mark.


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