Seeing Beyond the Headlights: Governor Kasich’s Press Conference on S.B.5 after it passed the senate.

It is interesting to hear the chants from unions and members of  left-wing of politics that we need to create jobs, not pick on the “working man” or “bust unions.”

Who creates the jobs? Government? The people chanting about we need to create jobs in Ohio really believe that somehow Governor Kasich is supposed to wave some kind of magic wand and create some jobs. What do you say to people who believe those kinds of things? All I can conclude is our education system either completely failed these people, or they learned all the wrong things when they were there.

GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When they do, they screw them up and charge the tax payer for their lack of efficiency.

Here is Kasich at a press conference talking about the S.B.5 Bill and all the rumors and insecurities that have been initiated by groups like SEIU and others to discredit the procedure of passing the bill, in an attempt to erode public support.

What is bad about any of that? What don’t people understand about Governor Kasich’s press conference?Yet listen to these people? They have no understanding of economics. They are like people driving a car in the dark. They can only see as far as their headlights, and no further.

They don’t have to be able to see so far if they are unable to. That’s why we put the Governor in office, because he can see past the light of the headlights, and he’s not the only one. I know a lot of people who understand perfectly how S.B.5 saves money, brings jobs to the state and actually saves the system instead of destroying it. Those are people educated in business and understand how money works. Not Michael Moore types that think with some socialist economic policy that is completely invalid in the world outside of a college campus.

The people who will be hurt are those that have been “gaming” the system. They deserve to worry, because the state can no longer carry employees that are just “cruising through the system.” But for those that are truly hard-working, there’s a job for them in this new economy. And things will be better.

But you have to be willing to look beyond the light of your own headlights.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

8 thoughts on “Seeing Beyond the Headlights: Governor Kasich’s Press Conference on S.B.5 after it passed the senate.

  1. The taxpayers are tapped out. We are broke and cannot share any more of our hard earned income.
    It’s time for everyone to wake up and understand that passing the bill in 1983 was a purely politican act by a union supported governor, Richard Celeste, state senate and state house. The union was willing to spend lots of time and money to get a “sympathic” state government elected. The unions hated the “Ferguson Act” which disallowed public workers to strike. So, in 1983, they managed to get the “collective bargaining” and many other “rights” inserted into the Ohio Revised Code. Taxpayers have been paying the price since.

    Richard Celeste was a known leftist, as was his wife,
    Dagmar. Dagmar intervened in school curriculum and I have read a letter sent by her to all school superintendents demanding a revision of the history taught in our government schools.

    It is now time to reverse the control the unions have over the citizens of this state. It is time for the people to know the true motives of the unions.
    and get the train back on track.


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