Blame the Rich: The Marketing Stategy of Socialism

As much as Senator Capri Cafaro championed herself during the S.B.5 debates in Columbus as a representative of the “working people,” she is a perfect example of the type of politician that does one thing while intending another. Here she is grabbing attention during Governor Kasich’s inauguration bragging about how “conservative” she is.

Here she is just a few weeks later pandering to a mob curtailing her political influence.

Who is Capri Cafaro? Well, Doc Thompson digs into the issue during his March 2, 2011 broadcast on 700 WLW.  He talks about her right around the 21 minute mark in the video below.

That’s right, she’s RICH, very, very rich, from a wealthy powerful family.

It is strange how she, and people like her, manage to hide that fact when they are trying to drum up support from the “working people,” who never see that “The Rich” are pretty evenly stacked on both sides of the political spectrum. Yet the way it’s presented to people who are not motivated to do their own research is all the rich are on the right, and that if they were taxed more, then all the worlds’ problems would be solved.

What these manipulators don’t tell people is that the real strategy is something else all together.

It is an easy target to point to the rich and proclaim with anger that they should pay more so those at the bottom can have more. For this reason, socialism will always be an attractive option for a certain percentage of the population that has a tendency toward laziness.

In fact, here is how the protests against S.B.5 are portrayed by Liberation News, a socialist publication that is of course adding fire to the situation in Columbus.

Here is the link to the original article listed below:

Tax the rich and corporations
Ohio corporations get away with paying one of the lowest tax rates in the country, while the people of Ohio suffer because state and local budgets lack funds to pay for needed services. The budget crisis could easily be solved by taxing the rich and the corporations.

GE is one of the largest employers in Ohio. It would have had to pay at a 22 percent tax rate in 2009, but it can deduct massive profits that they make overseas. GE has $84 billion in overseas income held outside the United States. So, it paid no federal income taxes that year and may have gotten over $1 billion as a refund.

While the right wing is trying to use the budget crisis as the excuse to batter the people providing essential services, the truth is that the working people did not cause the crisis. The budget deficits come from actions by banks and the money spent on wars for Big Oil.


The problem with the whole Robin Hood Theory, “take from the rich, give to the poor, is that it is misleading.

It’s not about fairness, as it’s disguised. It is all about attempting to capitalize on a natural jealousy that exists between those that have, and those that don’t in favor of an entirely new political idea rooted in socialism.

The reality is that the left, and the socialist leaning left are heavily funded by the rich. In fact, when the Progressive Party held their convention in 1912 it was made up almost entirely of the wealthy that felt guilt and entitlement due to their wealth and desired to use their wealth to reshape the world into a more just and fair society.

People like George Soros and many other very wealthy citizens, particularly in the Hollywood left, pour millions and millions of dollars into the propaganda of socialism, and they are very aware of what they’re doing. In fact, I covered recently in another article that Soros has worked to help fund Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute which is behind the famous Sundance Institute, very popular with documentary films. In fact Soros has personally helped finance a film that attacks capitalism called Better this World.

It is ironic that such people have the audacity to point at the conservative right and blame the rich for all the worlds’ troubles. It is the communist rich that manipulates what they perceive to be the weak, mindless followers of their message, and attack their capitalist rivals, the conservatives.

Yet anybody that understands economics knows that taxing the rich and giving to the poor will only destroy the economy. Because by nature, the rich are not motivated to continue innovating and providing business expertise if there isn’t the promise of gain.

The pursuit of fairness is an audacious exercise in human manipulation. When given too much power, unions have proven to be just as corrupt as corporations ever were, so the experiment has failed both ways. The only protection against both factions is provided in the Constitution’s 10th Amendment. Through states rights, and less centralized power to the federal government, citizens can participate in their government and control much of the corruption that is inevitable.

Here is the ideologue of socialism Michael Moore. He is one of the biggest cheerleaders of this “tax the rich” idea of wealth redistribution.

Yet this is what the average person thinks about the situation in Wisconsin. It becomes obvious very quick that the normal people out there are responding to the situation not based on how issues affect them, but based on what they’ve been told to feel.

It is unfortunate that many people fall as such easy targets from the greedy shape shifters of public opinion and find themselves soldiers of an invisible army, because the intentions of those shape shifters are easy to see for anybody willing to look.

Pointing to the “rich” and fostering anger and jealously is the strategy of the deceiver intent on rebuilding the world into a new and corrupt society. That corrupt society is avoidable, but only if the participants of that society seek to do for themselves and avoid the lucrative blanket of socialism, and avoid the temptation of manipulative judgment.

Those of you that chant, “workers rights,” and “tax the rich,” are only pawns to a game you are not motivated to play, so you’ll find yourselves “played” time and time again to the detriment of American civilization.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

14 thoughts on “Blame the Rich: The Marketing Stategy of Socialism

  1. Please, “WAKE UP AMERICA!” The union thugs came to Lebanon on Monday and Michael Clark from the Enquirer was there to cheer for them. (Report?)

    Demonstrating were children, Teamsters, the Little Miami union head, teachers and various other unions. These were just a small contingent of the unions represented in Columbus and Madison. According to most reports AFSME, SEIU, Teamsters, AFL-CIO, ANSWER Coalition, Party for Socialism and Liberation are chorigraphing these demonstrations with outside paid demonstrators.

    (Isn’t it just wonderful to know that these are the people in charge of educating our children? NOT!)

    I am betting that these groups will work together to put this on the ballot in November.


  2. Hi there,

    first time follower but you’ve tapped into one of the themes of a recent blog of my own so I thought I’d invite you to come back and take a look at this

    I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    For the record, I am socially left leaning, economically middle of the road and not in favour of the ridiculous levels of wealth that are amassed by a very small portion of the population. I respect the right of workers to organise beause I respect the tendency of too many businesses to seek a profit at any cost BUT class politics makes me itchy as hell.


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