Socialism is Being Taught at a College Near You: Or didn’t you know that?

While America struggles with its self-image, those hostile to American values are revealing themselves.

Today, February 28, 2011 during the Doc Thompson show, Doc had on a student protestor that is organizing a rally at the University of Cincinnati that will included college professors standing against S.B.5.

The interview was very insightful. Of course the young man was nervous, and Doc was very nice to him, helping along through the interview. But what was unique about the interview as Doc continued to ask questions that the student couldn’t answer, was the arguments of the student broke down and he revealed his true political thoughts.

The kid came straight out and announced that he was a socialist.

Now the next question that comes to mind is where did this young fellow come up with this idea? How out of our public education system did he develop socialism as a virtuous political ideal?

We already know the answer. Many of the professors that will be marching on the University of Cincinnati will in private call themselves socialists as well. And I think it’s time to have the conversation that a large part of the United States voting population are self described socialists, and many of them hide that title behind the Democratic Party, and they are typically employed in the public sector, because it suits their view of the world.

It is important to understand what people truly are because it will explain the rationality behind their voting patterns. Now professional pundits in the political landscape are very clever in hiding their socialist love. So getting them to admit to it is difficult because they know that most Americans are weary of the term. However, young students who are being taught socialism as a real option while their minds are fertile ground for planting such thoughts are not so slick in hiding their intentions. And when pressed, the kid came out and professed to the world what he was and what he wanted.

So when we see these marches that are against, “union busting,” many of the people marching lean in the direction of socialism. They may not understand that is what their ideology is because they have been taught and have never questioned their thoughts against reality. For instance, a teacher that comes straight out of college might think like this young man in the interview. And then they are employed in a school system where the culture is controlled by a powerful union that philosophize about the same thing the teacher learned in college and that teacher never has to bounce their ideals off the real world.

Now compare that to the student who comes out of college, and gets a job in the private sector. Within a few years, that young student is going to learn how tough the world is, and by the time they get on the north side of 30 years old, they are beginning to vote Republican and are becoming the conservatives that their parents were. The reason is, the socialist, utopia that college professors speak so highly about in their round about way, doesn’t work when tested against life. And it never does and it never will.

China has been able to make it work for a time because we’ve helped feed their economy. But think about the land mass and total resources of the Soviet Union and China compared to everyone else, and both those countries using socialism as their fundamental political philosophy. They have not been able to flourish as an economy without the help of the United States. What does that say?

It is detrimental and actually childish to continue to listen to advocates within the United States on economic matters who lean in a socialist direction. If they want to think with socialist leanings they are more than welcome. They can work whatever job they have and think what they want. But they are not allowed to wreck our economy over idealism.

Listen to more from David Horowitz says on this issueThis is taken from one of his seminars.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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