The Real Crime in Egypt: History lost to ideology and quests for power

Egypt is not the first and it won’t be the last to suffer the type of insurrection witnessed upon the final weekend of January 2011. The crime in that civil disobedience that has already claimed lives is not whether or not the radical’s clamoring to over-throw a ruthless dictator, only to inject a radical Muslim government which believes in killing all whom do not practice their religious ideology. It’s not that the United States has yet been caught again supporting such a dictator in order to maintain stability in a world still behaving with an infants mentality. You’d think the CIA and “other” forces would have learned from Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden and a long list of others that had support of the United States, to not attempt to manipulate governments with subversive tactics, because they almost always come back to haunt us later.

If you want to hear a great scenario of what’s going on in Egypt listen to Doc Thompson’s guest here:

The real crime here is in the destruction of history. The vandalism of the Egyptian Museum is a modern example of such destruction, and insight into the catastrophic devastation of our own world history.

Of course the official report is that just a couple of mummies had their heads ripped off, and there was some broken glass. I’m including here a number of pictures supplied by that show the extent of that damage. You can see the source article by clicking this link. The damage to this very fine museum is extremely alarming to me in this modern age.

I have been thoroughly enraged most of my life that the Romans burned the Library in Alexandria. Depending on what story you believe, Caesar set fire to the Egyptian Fleet when trapped and outnumbered and the fire spread to the city and destroyed the Library there. The information lost in that act of destruction most likely cost mankind a firm understanding of our past.

The constant trouble in Iraq and the Middle East in general has deprived many researchers from proper archeology of the region. Most of what has been done up to this point is just speculation supported with some artifacts. Because of the violence, research can’t take place openly. The loss of the Library of Baghdad was a tremendous failure.

Hitler participated in book burning, the Spanish conquistadors destroyed the Mayan codices, and the Qin Dynasty of China burned numerous books and buried scholars to suppress the past.

Here in the United States Anthony Comstock founded the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, founded in 1873 to prevent the spread of “lewd, objectionable” books. Under this Society was the destruction of around 15 tons of books, 284,000 pounds of plates for printing books, and nearly 4 million pictures. I first ran into the work of Comstock when I was a kid of about 10 or 11 years old. I used to subscribe to a Rare Books and Prints company in New York that would send me a quarterly catalog of rare books under their collection. Many of these books were several thousand dollars each, and were one or two of a kind, and Comstock had helped make those books so rare.

These days, the places I most enjoy are places like Barnes and Noble. I love the book store down on Newport on the Levy. And I love Books a Million. My wife and I often spend hours and hours in these stores every couple of weeks. I also adore because they sell, or can connect you with many rare books. One of my great treasures is a simi “rare” book by Claire Chennault called Way of the Fighter written in 1947 and published in 1949. I looked for that book for over ten years and my daughter had found it on Amazon and given it to me on Christmas one year. It’s in good condition and costs well over $100, so it wasn’t easy for her to get. That book isn’t as rare as others, but the point is, it shouldn’t be rare, because it was printed in the modern age. The story with that book is that Chennault was very; very critical of the United States policy in China which eventually allowed communism to take over the country after he’d spent 6 or 7 years defending China from Japan, and the rise of communism with just a rag-tag group of fighters called the Flying Tigers. Chennault, a brilliant general and tactician, predicted the rise of the conflict in Korea, and in Vietnam, but nobody listened. Instead, there was pressure from the government to the publisher to not print many of those books from that aging general, and to just let him fade away into obscurity, which is pretty much what happened to Chennault and his predictions.

What can be learned from this is that Chennault’s book is only 60 years old, and it is evidence of why a book had restricted printing, and gradually it will be completely wiped out as people die off, and sell books like that in garage sales and they end up molding away in a basement someplace. In a hundred years, they’ll all be gone. That brings us back to the Library of Alexandria founded sometime around 323–283 BC and may have had tablets and papyrus thousands of years old.

Here is the description from Wikipedia: The first known library of its kind to gather a serious collection of books from beyond its country’s borders, the Library at Alexandria was charged with collecting the entire world’s knowledge. It did so through an aggressive and well-funded royal mandate involving trips to the book fairs of Rhodes and Athens[8] and a policy of pulling the books off every ship that came into port. They kept the original texts and made copies to send back to their owners. [9] This detail is informed by the fact that Alexandria, because of its man-made bidirectional port between the mainland and the Pharos island, welcomed trade from the East and West, and soon found itself the international hub for trade, as well as the leading producer of papyrus and, soon enough, books. Talk about rare books.

And when there was a conflict even out in the harbor, and the fire accidently spread and destroyed the library, those rare books are now lost forever, and the history with it.There are more than a few modern educators, or people that make their money off education, such as union leaders, that think some of my articles on “cryptic” anthropological issues, such as the Giants of Ohio, and the Real Origins of the Human Race are hokey. These are the same type of idiots that ridiculed Isaac Newton, or Christopher Columbus for their beliefs. People who are “really” educated, not just making money off it, know that there is a lot that we don’t know and can’t know unless we do the research.

And we can’t do the research if we’re always at war, or if religious ideology prevents proper scientific investigation.

So when you see thugs, radicals, socialist, creeps, revolutionaries, soldiers of fortune, and other opportunists hiding in the crowds of protesters in Egypt, know that there is a serious risk of losing valuable aspects of our past that is already swallow at best. Seeing tanks parked outside the Pyramids of Egypt is a sad and pathetic site.

It is inconceivable how many archeological sites were destroyed in the Middle East because Woodrow Wilson and his conspirators after World War l created through the Treaty of Versailles countries like Iraq and Iran and other territories that were intended to be run by British and French interests, finally breaking up the Ottoman Empire. And for those that don’t understand anything about the Ottoman Empire, it looks as though these various factions are looking to recreate it with radical Muslim fundamentalism. Through these conflicts, we are going to lose countless artifacts that connect us with the past, which will prevent us from fixing our future. So while the news broadcasts talk about the increase in oil prices, and the struggle of Israel, the real strategy will go unreported and therefore is the real cost to society.

I wish George Bush had leveled with the American People about why defending the faults of Wilson and the gang was important to the United States now. Because we committed ourselves to defending the region whether or not we have a right to or whether the land should return to strictly Muslim rule. The real evil lays in the hands of the progressive view of the world everywhere and their soft little minds of sympathy that can’t see one foot in front of themselves. To back out from the region now would only invite more violence and create a united and dangerous enemy that would lead to a much larger scale war. It’s far easier to defeat small factions of tribes or political groups. But several countries united under a common cause, like what’s happening, can lead to a much more bloody conflict. The “oil” buzz word just makes a complicated situation easy for people to relate to. But when you get caught in that over simplification, like Bush did, it makes you look dishonest and incompetent. That’s what the revolutionaries in Egypt right now are saying about America and our support of their hated dictator.

It’s the progressives in our own country that keep Presidents like Bush from giving it to us straight, because those same progressives in the media will need a story they can get their teeth in, because their own understand of history is so shallow, that’s why they’re attracted to progressive ideology in the first place. That’s why we’ve lost millions of potential artifacts in the Mesopotamian Valley and countless other locations, because of such short-sightedness. That’s why all human kind is doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

The damage to the Egyptian Museum is a travesty to us all.

Now, for those out there that question the intention of Islamic extremists, read their strategy in a PDF file. Just click on the link below. The first half is in Arabic, but the second half is in English. Just scroll through till you see the English words.

Keep in mind that there are already sleeper agents in the United States, just as the Communist Sleeper Agents were put in place under the guise of “progressivism.” That means members of the media are playing a part as “sleeper agents.” And if you think that’s too conspiratorial, stop watching Sex in the City for a little bit and read the PDF file and educate yourself.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

15 thoughts on “The Real Crime in Egypt: History lost to ideology and quests for power

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    1. Steve

      So did Rome!…………So did Greece!……..So did INDIA…..SO DID MANY NATIONS!…….THE WORLD is full of “unsolved” history. And, at the rate it is going now?…….it will be UNSOLVED in 2,000 years from now. They, in the future, will be wondering about US!…..(When they LEARN again!)….because “learning” as become and “institution”……and is not learning at all…..but “guidance and direction”…..even if it’s the WRONG ROAD to take. Nature TEACHES ALL……..even birds and animals. Does it not?>>>>>how would birds know when to fly south? HOW would animals know when to HIBERNATE?…….is not nature?……How can MAN understand it…….unless he “observes” nature?


      1. Did ADAM not name every living thing?…….Why didn’t G-D name every living thing?……Adam did? HOW SO?…..observance?……perhaps…….but i think ADAM was ATUM/Atem/TEM………if he was not……how can we explain what the ancient people knew?…we cannot, unless we take into consideration everything we have left in PIECES that are written….and put the “puzzle” back together….and only then………when the puzzle is complete…..when people “see the real picture”…..not just “fragments of it”.


  2. History is “fragments or pieces of a puzzle”. And it’s not only by putting those pieces together to build a REAL HISTORY of this world, who we are and where we came from?…..but a SELF-REALIZATION of who we are. Some wake up. Some sleep walk……..and some are just “stuck in between”. The world is an illusion. This is why we call some Disillusioned by the world…..or, what some call Mentally ill. And there’s many definitions for that term also. Mentally ill because you see the world DIFFERENT?………..ARE ALL NATIVES IN ALL CONTRIES MENTALLY ILL?……after they were invaded and made to speak ONE LANGUAGE?……..Really?>…..well if it is so?…….i Say……EBER/HEBREWS got screweddddddddddddd…..BECAUSE they REFUSEDDDDDDDDDD to participate in a “one world order”……….they were either…..NOT THERE…..OR LEFT!………….THAT is the onlyyyyyyyy solution to that puzzle…….they took no part in it…..(which is just like nowwwwwww with acedemia)…………and the NATIVES in all countries that can still speak their own language?>…’s quite ironicccccccc…………HOW EVERYYYYYYYYYY native tribe says” Well, they made us speak it and lose ourselves……they MADE US conform to their rules…………..they beat us……they slayed us……….they even took advantage of our women and children. (The CHURCH……… not the rock)……..the trueeeeeeee rockkkkkkkkkkkk…………..IS THE HEART…..AND WHAT ITTTTTTTTTTT IS BUILT ON. NOT what conquerers who NEVER BOTHER TO LEARN ANYTHING……..say it’s based on!…..and NO TRUE CHURCH was built with mans hands. And personally, I don’t even like the word CHURCH…..if you look up the definition of it!…………I prefer the word: Brotherhood. Why do I say brotherhood?……..Because all will agree we are from the SAME origins. Are we not? If not, explain how that can be? 2 or 3 or 100 different “gods” made us?……….PERHAPS….that’s one way to explain it, but…….not in idealogical terms!………Everything LIVING had it’s ORIGIN from someplace…whether it “adapted” to new climates……or adapted to the climate itself! Take the Inuit, for instance. Even Strabo and others said: No one could possibly live there!……BUT, we know that statement, in THIS DAY, to be false. THEY DID……and still do! How so?


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