The Little Miami School District: Standing at the gates of Change

The threats of dissolving the Little Miami School District are interesting. After all, what is a community supposed to do with a district that has refused to pass a tax increase eight consecutive times? Who in their right mind could afford to absorb the students of the district, because all school districts around Little Miami are in budget trouble too?

Lebanon, one of the closest districts, is facing another levy attempt of their own. Mason, also close by doesn’t have the money. They just made major cuts, and are flirting with another levy attempt also. Loveland has already said they can’t afford the students from Little Miami. So the threat is an empty one at the end of the day. It comes from clueless state officials that haven’t had to deal with this issue before. Nobody taught them what to do if a community refuses after all the extortion tactics of pay-for-play sports, busing cuts, and token lay-offs occur. After the perceived manipulation of disastrous property values are dealt with, and a community still says, “NO!” what is the next step?

I was at a School Choice event, which I’ll cover in greater detail, when the Little Miami issue came up with School Choice Representative, Jeff Reed, State Congressional Representative Pete Beck, State Congressional Representative Bill Coley, along with State Senator Gates who all engaged in a lively debate with the audience about the issue of dissolution. Watch it here:

What is the real crisis? Its wages and collective bargaining agreements that have shackled the school district and made the financial situation unreasonable to the tax payers and the residents have had enough. The voters have endured the beat downs and manipulation and held tight against the extortion. This last threat of dissolution is just what it is, a threat. There is no place for those kids to go without collapsing the neighboring districts.

And the fault is in the expectations negotiated behind the back of communities enduring monstrous wages and benefits, along with the power of collective bargaining making the legislative process a nightmare for state representatives. The fault of this situation is clearly on the backs of all who participated in the reckless spending of the district’s money. And when that money ran out, which nobody was prepared to deal with, the clueless minds behind the heist must take responsibility for their pillage of the community’s assets. And a school belongs to the community, not the unions.

The first step to fixing this whole problem is what was discussed in the above video, the State of Ohio needs collective bargaining reform, and it needs it now.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

11 thoughts on “The Little Miami School District: Standing at the gates of Change

  1. The unions once had a favored place in our country. The problems evolved when the mafia and other corrupt people managed to take over many of the unions. A great movie to watch is “Hoffa.” Mr. Hoffa was in the business of “shaking down” his members, public officials, business owners and anyone else that could finance his luxurious lifestyle and expand his power. He was a ruthless individual and had many “enforcers” willing to do his dirty work. Same is true for the OEA/NEA/AFT etc. The people at the top have an agenda. The agenda happens to be a progressive agenda for the reorganization of our country. Just read their endorsements at their annual meeting. All are bent to the left. Their own president is quoted as saying, “when students start paying union dues then we’ll start caring about students.” Quite a statement. I feel that the same is true in Little Miami. Students are simply a means to the power of Mr. Bennett and the union. They will make cuts that directly affect the children, but not that lower the salaries of their members. When an administration is so blatant as to shrink-wrap all of the books in a library, cut busing, cut all the advanced interests of the students, that is an administration that has lost all reality. Good for the taxpayers and voters in Little Miami. They are brave enough to stop the bleeding and the corruption at it’s source. As the “warror” once said, cut off the water at it’s source.” I may add and the fungus will stop growing. All voters should vote against any and all levies. The spending is unsustainable.


  2. I’d come to recognize with you on this. Which is not something I usually do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!


  3. Terrific work! This is the type of info that should be shared around the internet. Shame on Google for not positioning this post higher! Come on over and visit my website . Thanks =)


    1. What is merit pay?? Does anyone know? Who decides merit? Administrators do! And guess what, they love you now! You are all so foolish as to allow these administrators to decide who works in their school and who does not! This is a gift for them. Fire teachers they do not like (those who question them) and keep the ‘yes men!’ Better research this before you jump blindly onto the bandwagon.


      1. You seem to have missed the point. The administrators work for the tax payer. We elect the school boards. We want managment control. Nobody is blind in this matter. They are not the enemy. They are our represenatives.


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