Why All the Anger? More of the Left Playing Dumb as to their Actions

As more and more facts come in about the Arizona shooting, and the left oriented continue to complain about the vitriol coming from talk shows and radio I think the honest question deserves to be asked. Why is there anger?

Did it ever occur to any of those left oriented people when Nancy Pelosi marched with her gavel up the Capital steps locked arm and arm forcing Americans to a Health Care Bill that they didn’t want, and subverted many legislative steps in the process to accomplish the task, that there wouldn’t be anger?

Are the American people supposed to just be happy about Constitutional subversion, or by-passing congress all together to pass Net Neutrality? Did they really think there wouldn’t be anger?

Are we supposed to be happy with a government that spent us into seeming oblivion and left us essentially broke, while congress continued to give themselves raises and fly all over the country on tax payer funds?

Can those leftist identify a period in history where so much was crammed down the throat of the American people right out in the open, and not have people get angry?

Or congressional members that have been openly corrupt, and when caught, treated the American people like they were fools.

I could go on, and on, and on. But how could anybody on the left expect that all these things would be imposed on the American public, and American’s wouldn’t get mad about it?

Statements like even questioning the level of anger of the American People say that the left has absolutely no respect for them. It’s as foolish as stealing from the company you work for, then wondering why they want to fire you.

What the left is really mad about is that there are people on talk radio and TV that are pointing out the things that are being done. Those voices are supposed to be suppressed. That’s what they are really saying.  Here’s the difference, the left cannot argue any points.  They use radical methods to hide the emptiness of their ideas.  On the other hand, those in the conservative movement rely on the rules to allow the validity of their arguments to emerge.  The Tea Party or any other group that is focusing on traditional values doesn’t need to use guns, or violence to make a point.  Because the truth is all that is needed.   

As far as hate, here’s an example of what Glenn Beck talks about.  Anyone that thinks Beck preaches hate doesn’t know what hate means.  Beck is all about overcoming that kind of stuff. 

And here is a clip from his show talking about how the left uses hate to motivate people.

The only ones talking about peaceful, and logical solutions are the members of the Conservative Movement.

Rich Hoffman