Communism and the Seduction of our Youth

I have done plenty of reading to understand that there has been ever-present within the United States a clear and present danger to our country and everything it stands for. These enemies hide like cancer cells within the body of our society and use our Constitution to embed themselves into every aspect of our nation’s activity.

I suppose I was a bit shocked to learn to what extent communism had penetrated our society prior to World War II. Heck, even Ronald Reagan inquired about joining the communist party in 1938 when he was a young actor in Hollywood. I couldn’t help but think of Johnny Depp, George Clooney, or Sean Penn, today’s Hollywood socialists, and wonder what the common appeal is to the seductive power of communism.

Then there is this video which I ran across the other day about the New York Communist Society. I watched this video with intrigue, having to struggle to hold back my laughter while at the same time keeping myself from becoming sick.

Oh…..did you catch that?  They like to be called Progressives.  Not the “C” word. 

What most of these communist’s have in common is that they are young, and particularly sheltered from the harsh realities of the world. They have not yet cast themselves into the fires of life to become battle hardened by experience. And in the case of Hollywood, where once you’re on the inside track, the money comes easy and minds go soft with inactivity.

I remember sitting in a trailer in Hollywood getting my make-up applied by the same woman that had just put on the make-up to Johnny Depp just hours before me, and she made comments about what nice skin I had. The reason that stuck with me is that Depp is a big time star, what some would consider one of the most attractive men in the world, and here was a make-up person that thought my skin was more favorable to work with. It put in perspective for me that much of Hollywood is image once you get behind the façade of things, and many of the actors that perpetrate that image, and the make-up people that apply the image to their faces. It’s about building images, and it is easy for simple minded people to become seduced by Utopian ideas, and in Hollywood beyond the catering trucks, the agents that sit in their cars with a phone to their ears and one on the radio, and the camera crews, well paid actors look out over the Hollywood Hills and travel the streets of Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills as if they lived on another planet.

Those actors create the image that young students attempt to live up to, and when you listen to these “hippie” types repeating what their favorite star has said in some magazine, or entertainment TV show like “E” they turn to these leftist oriented groups like this New York Communist Society to fulfill the dreams of their silver screen heroes.

I emerged from such make-up trailers to ponder these images and relate them to my own experiences. You quickly realize that they don’t like you personally because you represent a world outside their understanding, but they put up with you because you have something they want, otherwise you wouldn’t be there to begin with. And such experiences have given me insight into the pathetic dreams of communists.

The works of Marx and Engels is laughable as a philosophy, rooted naively in sensitivity that is contrary to the nature of all existence. What people who subscribe to those beliefs basically hold on to is that all wealth in the world exists like air, and the rich set themselves up like trolls to guard access to it. And if the trolls were removed, then all people everywhere would have access to that wealth.

The trouble is that wealth doesn’t just exist. The elements that make up wealth do, but the organization of those elements that create the flow of money have to be created from an entrepreneur, and capitalism creates the foundation of the entrepreneur.

I know several people that live in other countries, and particularly England. The Labor Party in England created an environment that ended English Imperialism, which they are guilty of maintaining an Empire at the turn of the last century. It is assumed that America, because of our close relation to England would pursue the same course if left to our own devices. But, what that Labor Party has brought to England is row after row of the same buildings, a tax rate exceeding 50%, and their ability to export virtually nothing. They have become a service oriented society. Those same floppy minds have their hooks in America, and can be seen in that video.

Ironically, it was when Ronald Reagan was working on a film at Elstree Studios in England that scared him away from communism. Living in that country and looking at the run down, un-motivated conditions of the employees, and the residents in the neighborhoods around Elstree Studios set Ronald Reagan on a pro-capitalist journey that would propel the United States to greatness, if only for a short time in the 80’s. Reagan returned from England to the labor riots at Warner Brothers and noticed how many communists had penetrated the labor movement in Hollywood, which Reagan was president of the screen-actors guild and had intimate knowledge of such things, and was on the front line when the McCarthy Hearings took place. Reagan had made the transition because he had enough of an inquiring mind to continue growing, where many of his fellow actors were just happy collecting checks and vacationing in the mountains. Reagan’s pursuit of capitalism cost him his marriage to his first wife, Jane. But Reagan learned, thankfully, of the foolishness of communism through growing up and maturing into a middle-aged man.

And that seems to be the pattern. Young people full of compassion and fresh ideas, hungry to reshape the world into their own images seem prone to the utopian ideas of communism. And entertainment is run by the young. Most studio execs are under 35, same as agents and publicists, as well as the clientele they represent. Sports are in the same situation, where young people rule and old players considered over-the-hill are 38. In a world obsessed with the young, it’s easy to understand how these boondoggled ideas emerged and how those goofy young people could even conceive wasting their time singing songs of leftist propaganda.

Yet it’s age and wisdom that have the real value, and typically once people get both, the move more to the right on the political spectrum is what happens. It would seem those that don’t move to the right after achieving age; have poor minds to begin with. I’m thinking of people like Francis Piven, and Bill Ayers. They are just delinquents at heart in adult bodies that haven’t developed in maturing beyond age 15.

A way to describe the situation is to compare communism, and doing one of the most difficult things which is to give an employee a review. I have had to give hundreds of reviews, and the temptation is always to sit down with the employee and only discuss the nice aspects of an employee, even though the real function of a review is to let the employee know what they need to do to improve them. You can determine the strength of many managers based on the type of reviews they give their employees. Compassion is often thought of as a high quality, but what it really does is allow people to use their weaknesses as handicaps. A good manager would find the weakness in an employee and encourage them to attack that weakness to become better. You may hurt that employees feelings, but in the scheme of things, you will not only make that employee better, but you will also improve your companies operations. I can say that being a compassionate liberal is much easier and mentally less taxing than a conservative that is pushing those around them to achieve all they can with the least amount of resources. Compassion as many people know it is rooted in weakness. Weakness is giving in to shortcomings.

Communism is a disease that is only attractive to the minds of the weak and lazy. Behind advocates of communism you will find the mind of a lethargic being craving the safety of the herd. Such people have no desire to contribute equally to anything, and there will always be people like this in the world. The folly of our times however, is that we’ve allowed those types of people to actually have input in our society because of our defense of free speech, and desire to give them equal footing in our society. But what it really equates to is asking your 5 year old how to drive to California from New York City. The wise of us would ask the opinion of the youngster and pat them on their heads for their attempt at an answer. But we’d use our wisdom and age to determine the correct route based on our experience and knowledge of the terrain. And the child would sit in the back seat and color in their coloring book.

That’s where youthful opinion belongs, in the back seat.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior