The American Biker

I have to laugh when I watch programs initiated by Progressives, because they assume that a majority of the American people will just blindly follow, and will play by the rules that they conger up. Progressives believe that if they create a law then they have won.

Well, I happen to know a large part of our society that puts up with laws so long as they can live their lives. But if those laws become an inconvenience, then those laws will be broken.

And if there were ever a revolution needed to wrestle the government back under the control of the American people, these same people would be the first ones to the front line.

I know many of these people personally, and when my wife and I ride our motorcycle all over the country, each and every one of them on the road waves to me.

Who are these mysterious people? They are the American Biker.

Anyone that has been to a motorcycle event knows what I’m talking about. These may be people on the fringes of society, but they will be the first to say enough is enough.

How would a progressive like George Soros and his Open Society Institute deal with the American Biker? They aren’t like minorities that will bloc vote so they can get free stuff from the government. They aren’t like the middle-class that will just vote to avoid a conflict. They aren’t the rich that have a stake in the political machine.

They are among the freest people on the face of this planet because they are free of concern and don’t give a rats-ass what anybody thinks of them. Now that makes them repulsive to most members of society. But when the going gets tough, they toughen up.

I would love to see the Huffington Post spew their rhetoric at the folks that attend the Sturgis Rally. Or the EasyRider Rodeo at Chillicothie, Ohio.

Or Arizona Bike Week

Next time you see a biker, you don’t have to sit down and have lunch with them. But if you see them on the highway, give them a polite nod, because their very existence will keep you free. The progressive philosophy does not have a way to convert them into the collectivism needed for an Open Society or a one world government.

Sorry, George. You won’t be able to control these people.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

America’s First Christmas in Wilmington

It was impossible to take in everything that happened in Wilmington, Ohio when Glenn Beck came to town. I’ve documented my experiences here:
And here:

Glenn did a tremendous amount of very good work that I think captures the spirit of Christmas better than anything done on TV for years. For that, I want to capture for prosperity the essence of that truly wonderful event.

Here are some samples of the media coverage.

It was a wonderful day!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Progressive Footprints in a Media Snow Storm: Let’s you see where they’ve been.

To understand where people are going you need to see where they’ve been. Lucky for us, Progressives are arrogant in that they have left plenty of footprints in the snow storm of media coverage. So there is a lot for us to study.  Now, there is a LOT here.  So be ready to spend some time with this one.  I’ve made the work easy for you to just sit back and watch. 

Progressives are an extremely dangerous group for those of us that embrace traditional values. So let’s study the type of people who are behind Net Neutrality and progressive ideologies. If you don’t know what a progressive is click on this link.
Take your time and listen to each of these, even though some are very long. I’ve watched them all and listened to the words carefully, and my determination is that these people are not masters of the universe, as they think they are, but are of the same mold as your typical car salesman. I’ve sold cars, credit cards, worked as a waiter, which is sales of food, so I know the tactics. These are just polished liars. I’ve met these types before and their words can’t hide their real intentions if you know what to look for. So study these clips for yourself.

Here is Al Franken.

Here are some real people from that represent the Hollywood left. Good people. I know some of them myself. But their idea of reading is not the same as mine, theirs, magazines, mine lots and lots of books. It is hard to listen to them without laughing to myself, because they believe they are right. In reality they’re just repeating what they were told by people like Soros, and are easily seduced by his salesmanship.

This is the war that is going on, progressives against traditionalist, not republicans and democrats.
The problem with this guy in the next clip is that the internet is already free. For the truth on this, click here.

Here is an attack on Bill O’Reilly, in an attempt to discredit Fox News because of its tremendous ratings advantage over other, less controlled networks.

And here is the master liar, Bill Clinton. We know he lied, just like all the people above. But watch him look at the camera and outright lie to you. Now pay attention to all the crap he says before he discusses Monica Lewinsky.   Much of his tactics are borrowed from the Delphi Technique

Here he is again months later. And again, study how he spins it. But still, compare the two videos, one where he said he had no relations, then this one where he finally admits it.

Remember the video above with Ted Kennedy. Remember when he was drunk and wrecked his car into a river where the woman with him died. Here’s his spin speech. See the pattern?

The truth: CLICK HERE

This is what Progressives want to do to the United States. They may not mean to, because many of them are as clueless as the writers guild people. But this is what will happen.

Stay informed and don’t let yourself be scammed and you’ll go a long way to saving your nation.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Chaos Before Christmas: The old story of government dirty tricks

Ronald Reagan arrived in 1949 at the third plateau of his political journey. First had come his disillusionment with the general bureaucracy as an adjutant in the Army. Then there had been his revelation at Jimmy Roosevelt’s that Communists were enemies of the Constitution. And now, having seen what happened when the economic order was forcibly turned upside down—civil servants becoming civil masters—“I shed the last ideas I’d ever had about government ownership of anything.” Ronald Reagan as written by Edmund Morris from the book, “Dutch.”

In the week before Christmas, guess what the government brought just ahead of Santa’s sleigh. On Tuesday the FCC took a power move using NET NEUTRALITY to get its feet in the door of internet regulation. And on Wednesday the President signed the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Act,”

Last year Health Care was put on the table, the day before Christmas.

So why do you think these large, controversial government power grabs are introduced and signed during the busy season of Christmas?

Because THEY know the American public is too busy to pay attention.

Glenn Beck did a nice piece on just this sort of thing and explains how public opinion is shaped. Listen to that here:

Think about it, why is “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” important. Sex is something that even human beings in extremely healthy sexual relationships spend less than 5% of their time pursuing. So why would we build a policy completely on the bases of sexual preference.

I could care less of there are military men and women that are gay. It’s a complete non-issue, doesn’t matter in the least. But I don’t want to know about the sexual preferences of the people around me. It’s none of my business, and really occupies a small part of my thoughts.

It’s all about the grand distraction. It’s about keeping our minds on these little issues while the big issues get passed under thousands of pages of law that nobody has time to read, and the public is too distracted to comprehend.

So when we get to a holiday, pay attention to what gets initiated, and that’s how you can figure out the intentions of your government, that you completely fund with tax dollars, in fact, government is nothing without our funding.

So why are we funding it to turn on us like they do? We should cut it down dramatically and take away the wheels that move it along because if all government has to do is introduce bills that are intrusive, such as that of Net Neutrality, they are absolutely useless. The internet has done just fine without the government. Their interest in it is purely out of self-preservation.

Listen here while Bill Cunningham discusses with a congressman what states are losing house seats and why. You will find this discussion to be extremely revealing.

Ronald Reagan had begun his adult life as an idealistic young man flirting with joining the communist party, and the general liberal politics of Hollywood. As he lived life, he had moved through the phases mentioned in the opening paragraph, just as many do who live life and have enough intelligence to adjust their views over time to correspond with reality.

That’s how Reagan became one of the greatest presidents and world leaders in memory. He understood the journey of arriving at conservatism.

The policies introduced though in these under handed manners, such as Net Neutrality, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and Health Care are conceived by people who have not yet lived real lives. They are dramatically flawed people who view the world with warped glasses shaped by unlived lives, and they try to inflict their wishes while the rest of the world is distracted. Because if normal people were paying attention, they’d put a stop to the non-sense.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Net Neutrality is the Villian from Tron

The following line is NOT a bit of dialogue from the new Disney film Tron.

“We must take action to protect consumers against price hikes and closed access to the Internet—and our proposed framework is designed to do just that: to guard against these risks while recognizing the legitimate needs and interests of broadband providers.” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski


Who do these people think they are? That’s almost as audacious as trying to regulate the air. But that statement almost sounded like the uttering’s of the character Clu as he addresses a sea of program soldiers about to be unleashed upon society in the new Tron Legacy film.

This is clearly a power grab by the FCC to further attempt to justify their existence. It must be terribly frustrating for them to have a part of the media that they don’t have any control over, and this is an attempt by a government agency to get control.

If you don’t understand what NET NEUTRALITY is, listen to Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW discuss it here:

As far as the platform the FCC is using to justify this move, the prices on the internet have regulated themselves. Prices too high are beat out by companies that offer better rates. It’s pretty simple really.

I can remember when the internet was new, and charged by the hour, then service for the month for a flat fee. There were many different combinations of price packages that were created along the way, but ultimately cheaper prices in a competitive fashion created the internet we have today, where a single user can talk on their Smart Phone, while talking on a headset over their XBOX and answering their email on a laptop, all done on the internet. The bandwidth drop that the FCC is talking about is a complete fabrication.

It has regulated itself and is one of the only aspects of society that is free. The internet is the model for what society should mimic.

But the FCC under the disguise of “fairness” is attempting to get their little feet in the door, and once there they will unleash many, many, many more regulations, just as they have for television and radio. It won’t take long for everyone that wants a website to have apply for one to the FCC just as a radio broadcaster does. And if you violate their terms, you’ll lose your license.

You have to consider what we’re talking about here, and that is access to the internet. Since the internet is just a bunch of computers talking independently of each other, it might as well be air. It has no central location and does not stop at a nation’s border. Therefore, the only way a government can get control of the internet is to control the on-ramp to the World Wide Web. In this case the FCC is using “fairness” to begin a relationship with internet providers that will become a much more parental relationship down the road.

This power move is so audacious that they by-passed congress to do it. We can’t even blame the incompetence of our congressional politicians on this one. This is a raw power grab from a branch of government functioning without any checks or balances, and in the context of things, is very serious.

If you dear reader scanning over these words don’t find this whole NET NEUTRALITY issue to be EVIL, and doesn’t provoke you into an outrage of forced accountability of the FCC, you can count the days that you soon won’t be able to read these words, because I will, along with this entire Blog Site will be found in violation of the FCC regulations, and will be shut down. And you will have to get thoughtful comments from an “orthodox” source that the FCC has given an approved license to.

That’s what’s at stake. As always, government sells itself as having your best interest in mind. It’s all about fairness, according to them. But history says otherwise.

The internet has thrived without any government regulation. And now, those public employees that have their socialist tendencies toward securing their own wallets in a collective utopia desire to hang themselves like parasites from internet commerce.

As always, it’s about the money.

While I write this there is a court case against WLW for setting up a Christmas manger at their tower in Mason, Ohio. The reason for the law suit is because they have a FCC license and that the argument is any government entity should have a separation of church and state.

Also, the FCC is using AL Sharpten to crack down on conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, because the bottom line is people like Rush need to be shut down in order for government to expand, which is the goal of these types of regulators. They desire to secure employment for themselves from tax dollars. That’s all there is to it. The whole concept is incredibly short-sighted and selfish. But that’s what you usually find are the quality of people that desire to make a living off government work.

Once this line is crossed, these parasites of government regulation will embed themselves like a tick on a dog to suck the life-force of the creature.

Without Net-Neutrality, an entire industry, which young people are quite aware of has risen. These sad politicians wouldn’t know much about that industry because they are too busy pursuing lobby supplied prostitutes on K-street, or exotic dinners where they believe their discussion will pave the way for the nation.


You can see the future by simply turning on a Nintendo Wii. The interface of either the Wii, the XBOX or the PlayStation 3, which is all internet based, provides at a glance Netflex, weather updates, news from around the world, and a portal to play Black Ops with a friend from half-way around the world in real time. That is the world of tomorrow, and it was created without governmental control.

Before I went with my family to see the new Tron film, I watched my kids swordfight with each other on the Wii, and many of those images came to me while I was watching that very interesting film. Tron is all about the world of cyberspace and the empires that can rise and fall within that world. And every new game created is a new experience for each and every human being on this planet to be a part of. But the overall theme of Tron was the perilous course of pursuing perfection.

In Tron, Jeff Bridges created an exact opposite of himself called Clu to implement the perfect world, a utopia. What it turned out to be was a hellish digital fascism that Bridges was unable to control and that society completely turned on him. It was heady stuff, not intended to be watched with just a light eye for entertainment.

Net Neutrality is in our world the fictional villain of the Tron film. Initiated with good intentions, but resulting in a hellish existence.

Art becomes reality, most of the time. “Your focus will determine your reality,” a line from another great science fiction film proclaims, and it’s true. Too bad human beings don’t think through things and learn from their art, instead of repeating the same mistakes over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over…………………………………infinity.

We don’t remember what life was like before social security, or Medicare, or any number of government programs. But every one of us knows what the internet was like before the government decided to stick its nose in it. And it has thrived.

Don’t believe the lies. Encourage the new congress to escort the FCC to court for this gross imposition on our freedoms and liberty, and instruct them to stay out of our nation’s way.

Guess who is the main man behind this push………………..George Soros.  Listen to Rush Limbaugh discuss it here. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

It’s the End of the Road: Budget problems for everyone!

We have arrived at the impasse, the point where life as we know it will change. The car is headed toward a massive financial cliff and the point of no return is near. We’re all packed into the car together, and the arrogant driver won’t heed the warnings that they are about to kill us all.

I’ve always been particularly good at directions. My reputation is that you could drop me anywhere on the face of this planet with a blindfold and I’d find my way home within a few days.

I once had a vicious argument with a former friend of mine over the movie, ALIVE, where a soccer team crashed in the Andes Mountains and resorted to cannibalism as a way to survive. It would have been far easier for those people to just send one or two people to walk down hill, and follow the water till they hit a village. There isn’t any place in this world where a village cannot be found within a three day walk, give or take the strength of the walker.

I had the same argument with another former friend over the film Castaway. Again, the main character knew he crashed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and was east of Hawaii. Grab a log, start swimming east. If a shark comes to eat you, kill it. Eat the shark and keep swimming. End of movie.  You don’t spend years of your life stuck on an island!

I had similar argument with a family member over the Blair Witch Project when I proclaimed that there was no way a group of teenagers could get lost in the woods of Maryland. There are no virgin forests that large, where they could walk all day and arrive back in the same spot.

All those people that argued with me had in common a blind trust in the social structure, and what the characters of these films shared with them, and apparently the common audience is a similar sense of helplessness. I on the other hand have learned to trust nothing resembling structure, because it’s prone to fail at some point.

Back in September 2010 I went on WLW radio and proclaimed that the course the Lakota School System was on was unsustainable. I received a lot of criticism for proclaiming the obvious. And to my critics I felt sorry for them. These were the same sad people that saw films like ALIVE, CASTAWAY and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and could relate with the plight of the protagonists. They would be the type of people that would freeze under duress and not be able to make a decision.

Instead of heeding my warning, and the warnings of people like Darryl Parks, and Scott Sloan both of WLW radio, the established thinking insisted on maintaining the finance model they had achieved through several generations of threats and coercion only to find out that there isn’t any money left. And they willingly held the children they are teaching as hostages, cutting busing at the first sign of trouble even though busing is only 2% of their costs. It is the same sad game.

I was doing some reading the other night about the history of union activity in the United States and how many union bosses were proclaimed communists and code word “progressives,” much of this literature coming from sources prior to Glenn Beck, much of it from the late 70’s to early 80’s. I read about how the entertainment unions of 1946 attacked Warner Brothers and turned over cars in radical behavior that predated Saul Alinsky. Alinsky the author of Rules for Radicals is actually endorsed reading by the NEA. These simpletons have been at this behavior for a long time, entrenching themselves into our government as public workers unions, teachers being one of the largest sectors of that unification.

Forward thinking people like me and several others have been saying that it’s coming to an end. The inflation rate in the United States, a weaken US dollar, and our debt to other countries such as China have tied our hands behind our backs. We couldn’t even go to war with North Korea to help South Korea if we wanted to, because China would slap us silly for even thinking about it. They own us now!

And these derelict thinkers of public unions cleaving to the edges of reality like desperate survivors craving to eat their own people instead of truly doing something productive like reconsidering their entire life style and benefits packages, because they are causing massive economic failures due exclusively to their extremely high expectations, are digging in to their beliefs.

They are the kind of people that would stay on a remote island eating coconuts and developing a relationship with a soccer ball called “WILSON” instead of getting on a raft and to start swimming, again I’m thinking of CATAWAY here. Or ALIVE, or THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Every time I see a scene for CASTAWAY I gag! I can’t believe Robert Zemeckis directed that film. What happened to him!

But everyone has been warned well in advance. For Lakota, they have a 160 million dollar budget. The time for the LEA to approach the school board about saving the district came in November. Instead, they dug in their heels and chose to play the same old game of cutting busing.

For the rest of Ohio, Kasich budget cuts are going to be deep, and painful. And 2011 will be very difficult for people that make a living off the public dollar.

Turning over cars, or holding massive strikes and work stoppages won’t help you. All that will happen is that we’ll realize how little you really do, and you’ll prove that you’re over-paid. But radical behavior is what caused this issue. The public paid you too much to shut you up. But now they don’t have it to give you without drowning themselves, so they will now tell you no. That’s the way of things.

You should have listened when we told you to re-think your situations. Now, you will suffer much greater than you needed to.

You will suffer because you trust in the social structure that you helped to create, and it’s failing under its own weight.

Below is Darryl Parks from WLW discussing many of these issues. Remember this when we get into the hard months of April, May, and June of 2011. It’s not like the information wasn’t out there for people to act upon.

Below is the 60 Minutes interview that Darryl was referring to. I think these two interviews are loud warnings that should be heeded while there is still time.

The cynic in me knows that most people will just plant their heels where they stand and grip blindly onto what they know best, even if what they know and trust is wrong.

Those of you that have been “gaming” the system for many years whether you’re a union leader or member, a real-estate agent, a developer, an investment manager, or just a measly politician, or any innumerable guilty parties, you know who you are, somebody had to pay eventually. Our current crises are because of your collective irresponsible actions, and that’s why our county is now suffering. So now it’s time to get off your ass and help out. Stop crying and start swimming, because you’re holding back the rest of the country that wants to survive.

One of the most frustrating things in life is knowing your going in the wrong direction but being unable to tell the arrogant people driving the car that they are about to drive you over a cliff, especially when you’re better at directions than the driver. And now we are at the point of turning around and going back where we came from, or we go over the cliff. And the point of no return sign comes when we hit the metaphorical year of 2011.

If the car doesn’t stop soon and turn around, I’m going to jump out. I don’t need a car, or a GPS, or even a road to find my way back. So I’ll let the car go right on over the cliff with all the arrogant idiots that don’t listen in it, because I won’t let them make a decision that ruins my life too.

And I won’t sit in the desert at the edge of the cliff waiting for someone to come and rescue me. I’ll start walking back within seconds, not wasting a moment of time.

Because I can.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Where Evil Hides

Truly one of the great writers of our time is Edmund Morris. I loved his work in The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, and Theodore Rex. So did Ronald Reagan, because he picked Morris to be his personal biographer during his presidency due exclusively to the work of the first Roosevelt book.

That book became after many years of writing, Dutch. I’ll get into more on that book later. But for now a caption from it I think is particularly revealing. It is in regard to a raw footage viewing of the film Lest We Forget, which was a done by Warner Brothers and filmed by Bill Graf. Ronald Reagan was slated to do the narration. Bill had managed to get some incredibly terrible footage of the tragedy that occurred at Bergan-Belsen.

The following description of Bergan-Belsen is from Wikipedia:

Bergen-Belsen (or Belsen) was a Nazi concentration camp in Lower Saxony in northwestern Germany, southwest of the town of Bergen near Celle. Originally established as the prisoner of war camp Stalag XI-C, in 1943 it became a concentration camp on the orders of Heinrich Himmler, where Jewish hostages were held with the intention of exchanging them for German prisoners of war held overseas[1]. Later still the name was applied to the displaced persons camp established nearby, but it is most commonly associated with the concentration camp it became as conditions deteriorated between 1943-1945. During this time an estimated 50,000 Russian prisoners of war and a further 50,000 inmates died there,[2] up to 35,000 of them dying of typhus in the first few months of 1945.[3]

The camp was liberated on April 15, 1945 by the British 11th Armoured Division.[4] 60,000 prisoners were found inside, most of them seriously ill,[3] and another 13,000 corpses lay around the camp unburied.[4] The scenes that greeted British troops were described by the BBC’s Richard Dimbleby, who accompanied them:

“…Here over an acre of ground lay dead and dying people. You could not see which was which… The living lay with their heads against the corpses and around them moved the awful, ghostly procession of emaciated, aimless people, with nothing to do and with no hope of life, unable to move out of your way, unable to look at the terrible sights around them … Babies had been born here, tiny wizened things that could not live … A mother, driven mad, screamed at a British sentry to give her milk for her child, and thrust the tiny mite into his arms, then ran off, crying terribly. He opened the bundle and found the baby had been dead for days.

This day at Belsen was the most horrible of my life………”

Once Bill’s footage was gathered it was taken to Warner Brothers to be shown to a select group of people, Reagan one of them because he had to do the voice-over. The following quotation is from the great book, Dutch, page 215.

In the projection room Col. MacDuffie took the seat of honor and next to him were Bob Carson and Ronnie Reagan. I was up front with a few other enlisted men. Together Bill Graf’s footage took us on a journey out of reality, into hell.

We saw gaunt emaciated living skeletons, wondering around like lost souls in some kind of purgatory. Some of them stood naked and shit where they stood. We saw a skull complete with face sliced in half like a melon so the camp doctor could study the special conformation of the Jewish brain. If my grandfather from Krakow hadn’t emigrated here ninety years ago, that might have been mine. We saw stacks of cured and flattened human skins. The commandant’s wife had selected inmates with colorful tattoos to be killed and flayed for lamp shades. I guess these were the rejects. Somebody told Bill Graf that she liked skins with large nipples, because of the pleasing aureole effect when light shone through them. We saw—I don’t want to tell you what else we saw. It makes me want to puke, even now. When the lights went on, I felt chilled to the bone as if I were in an ice house. I feared I was going to freeze and smother at the same time. I had trouble swallowing and desperately needed water and warmth. I rushed out into the sunlight and looked around to make certain I was not dying in Germany but was here alive, in Culver City.

The others shuffled out of the projection room more slowly, like men who had seen ghosts. Reagan was strangely silent, buried in thought. It was if we had attended a mass funeral, and that in some way we were the ones that had died.

The film Lest We Forget, made a lasting impression on everyone that had to see it that day. As for Ronald Reagan, he made his sons Michael and Ron Reagan see the film when they turned fourteen as a kind of rite of passage into adulthood.

The reason I bring all this up and show these pictures is because the human race has forgotten. When the crises of the world are these immature, half-developed children protesting in London for free education, or children in the United States that won’t get up off the couch to get exercise, or the power grab by politicians to get Net Neutrality passed, none of them understand real pain, real suffering, and the blackness capable in the human heart corrupt with evil.

These modern politicians like their predecessors from 1945 did not understand how a woman could desire a prisoner to be skinned and turned into a lamp shade so the light coming off the nipples would cast an interesting light. Such thoughts are truly evil. And such evil cannot be legislated from existence. You cannot change what hides in the soul of a human being with more laws.

You have to address the real issue of personal responsibility, and not allow evil to hide behind legislation, and black-hearted politicians corrupt with their own desires for power. And such people populate the earth in abundance, outnumbering even the stars in the sky.

Never forget Bergen-Belsen. Because in the context of history, it wasn’t the only time terrible things like this have happened to human beings, and it won’t be the last. Never take it for granted that the earth has seen the end of evil, quite the opposite. Evil hides where people are afraid, or too lazy to look. And from those places the next terrible events to be inflicted upon the human race will attack.

Here is Ronald Reagan revisiting that terrible place many years after he had seen the footage that had impacted him as a much younger man.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Giants in Ohio: The Hidden History of the Human Race!


I found a unique treasure at the 2009 Mothman Festival at Point Pleasant in, West Virginia while on a trip with my wife. It’s a map of paranormal activity in the State of Ohio called Hidden Ohio. It features Ancient American sites, haunted locations, sacred geography, scenic byways, strange creatures, unexplained mysteries, and unique sites.

It was on this map that I noticed two sites where giant human beings were discovered. One location was just outside of Cleveland, and the other was just south of Cincinnati. The below picture I don’t believe is real, but it gives you an idea. I am currently looking for the private citizens that have these discovered bones. In both cases the bones of the giant humans were 8 to 10 feet tall. Prior to seeing those excavation sites on that map, I had never heard of giant humans in an actual historical sense.

Below is a history of the giant bones discovered in North America. Some of the bones are without question stuck in drawers at museums. But most are in the hands of private collectors. I would love to see them for myself.

Historical North American Giants

1792 New York, Buffalo: Turner’s History of the Holland Purchase reports that 7 and 8 foot skeletons were found at an earthen fort in Orleans county with broad flat topped skulls.

1800 Ohio, Conneaut: Among the normal size skeletons found in the remains of mounds were found gigantic bones. Some of the skulls and jaws were large enough to fit over the head and face of a normal man

1821 Tennessee, White County: An ancient fortification contained skeletons of gigantic stature averaging at least 7 feet in length.

1825 Ohio Valley: David Cusick, a Tuscorora by birth, wrote that among the legends of the ancient people of the stock, there was a powerful tribe called Ronnongwetowanca. They were giants, and had a “considerable habitation.” When the Great Spirit made the people, some of them became giants. After a time, and having endured the outrages of these giants, it is said that the people banded together, and through the final force of about 800 warriors, successfully annihilated the abhorrent Ronnongwetowanca. After that, it was said that there were no giants anywhere. This was supposed to have happened around 2,500 winters before Columbus discovered America, around 1000 BC.

1829 Ohio, Chesterville: In digging away a mound where a hotel was to be built, a large human skeleton was found, but no measurements were made. It is related that the jawbone was found to fit easily over that of a citizen of the village. The local physicians examined the cranium and found it proportionately large, with more teeth than the white race of today. The skeleton was taken to Mansfield, and has been lost sight of entirely.

1833 California, Lompock Rancho: Soldiers digging at Giant Lompock Rancho, California, discovered a male skeleton 12 feet tall. Carved shells, stone axes, and other artifacts surrounded the skeleton. The skeleton had double rows of upper and lower teeth. Unfortunately, this body was secretly buried when local Indians became upset about the remains.

1835 Illinois, Lake County: In the numerous mounds in the county, skeletons ranging between 7 and 8 feet are discovered.

1845 Virginia: A human jaw bone of great size was uncovered in a burial mound on which the teeth stood transversely in the jawbone.

1849 New York: From “Illustrations of the Ancient Monuments of Western New York” comes the report that an elliptical mound above near the Conewango Valley held eight big skeletons. A thigh bone was found to be 28” long. Exquisite stone points, enamelwork, and jewelry were found. Also discovered in the area were a number of other large skeletons one almost 9 feet in height.

1850 New York: From the History of Allegany County in 1879 a report that very large human bones were uncovered during excavation for the railroad

1851 New York: A skull rib bone, and shinbone were found that indicated the height to be over 8 feet tall.

1856 West Virginia, Wheeling: A human skeleton was discovered by labourers while ploughing a vineyard measuring almost 11 feet tall.

1858 Ohio, Vermillion Township: Skeletons of a race of beings much larger than the local inhabitants were discovered.

1870 Ohio: In Brush Creek Township a large mound contained skeltal remains of several humans up to nine feet tall. A large stone tablet with unknown insriptions similiar to Greek writing was also found.

1872 Ohio, Seneca Township: When the “Bates” mound was opened the remains of three skeletons, whose size would indicate they measured in life, at least, eight feet in height, were found. A remarkable feature of these remains was they had double teeth in front as well as in back of mouth and in both upper and lower jaws.

1873 Ohio, Seville: An Ohio Bicentennial Commission historical marker serves as a reminder that the Giants of Seville, Captain Martin Van Buren Bates and his wife, Anna Swan Bates, lived in the village of Seville in Medina County. Anna stood 7 feet 11 1/2 inches tall and weighed 413 pounds. Martin was 7 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 480 pounds.

1873 Washington DC: “The objects here collected which have not been given, or acquired by exchange, have been purchased for the use of the museum by order of the surgeon-general… There is a skeleton of a giant, who, in life, measured seven feet, prepared by Auzoux and mounted by Blanchêne’s method, which, if I may use that term, is really a beauty. It is as white and clean as new fallen snow, and the brass joints and screws which keep it together are bright, and of the latest style and finish.” From the article “The Army Medical Museum in Washington” by Louis Bagger, Appletons’ Journal: A Magazine Of General LiteratureVolume 9, Issue 206

1875 West Virginia, Rivesville: Workmen constructing a bridge near the mouth of Paw Paw Creek uncovered three giant skeletons with strands of reddish hair clinging to the skulls. The skeletons had supported people approximately 8 feet tall.

1876 Wisconsin: Mounds were excavated containing a giant skull and vertebrae.

1877 Missouri, Kansas City: A giant skull was unearthed when mounds wore opened and giant man tracks belonging to humans 25 to 30 feet tall were discovered.

1877 Nevada, Eureka: Prospectors found a human leg bone and kneecap sticking out of solid rock. Doctors examined the remains and determined they were from a human being, and one that stood over 12 feet tall. The rock in which the bones were found was dated geologically to the Jurassic Period, over 185 million years old.

1878 Ohio, Ashtabula County: While excavating the ground for graves, bones were exhumed, which seemed to have belonged to a race of giants. A skull and jaw were found, which were of such size that the skull would fit easily over a large man’s head like a loose fitting helmet, even with the jaw in place. The number of these graves has been estimated to be between two and three thousand.

1879 Indiana, Brewersville: A skeleton almost ten feet tall was excavated from a mound.

1880 Ohio, Zanesville: A skeleton was reported to have been of enormous dimensions found in a clay coffin, with a sandstone slab containing hieroglyphics.

1880 Minnesota, Clearwater: Several giant skeletons were found with double rows of teeth.

1881 Ohio, Medina County: A jawbone of great size belonging to a human being was discovered, which contained eight jaw-teeth in each side, of enormous size; and the teeth stood transversely in the jawbone. It would pass over any man’s face with entire ease.

Why don’t we learn about this in school? That’s another story that I’ve covered elsewhere.


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Why The Bengals are a Terrible Team

Lately I was having dinner with a man who was very impressed with himself, and he spent a lot of time showing off the items that he had amassed through his successful career endeavors to his dinner guests.

When I talk with such people I don’t have the heart to tell them that the reason they are well compensated in the way they are is to placate them from thinking outside the box, and to settle in their lives. The compensation is to purchase their very soul from the curiosity of personal growth and invention. So I often feel pity for such types, because down the bumpy roads of life, somewhere way down there at the end of that road will come the realization that they short-changed themselves and lived an otherwise eventless life of little fulfillment.

And while I politely placated the man’s proud achievements with my attention, my thoughts fell on the Cincinnati Bengals, because there were elements of this man’s character that I believe are extraordinarily similar to Mike Brown, the owner of the Bengals.

The similarity comes from the popular belief that just because someone may have success in the legal profession, as Brown has, or finance, as this man has, or in some other endeavor, the game of football requires the ability to think outside the box to have leverage over your opposition, and therefore requires that type of thinker to have success.

As this man showed me the features of his new car, my thoughts lingered on a Bengal game recently that told the whole story.

An arctic front had brought temperatures hovering in the teens to Paul Brown Stadium, a palace that is operating in tremendous dept, currently projected at nearly $700 million dollars by the year 2032. For the moment, the burden the palace has placed on the city of Cincinnati is forgotten because it’s the fourth quarter with just seconds to play, and the Bengals are beating the far superior team of the New Orleans Saints and the crowd is gripping their seats in ecstatic disbelief and hope.

But the Saints drive down the field and are in scoring position. Kick the field goal and the tie. Go for it on 4th down, and the Saints get a 1st and goal.

In an ultimate act of disrespect, the Saints go for it. They line up and Drew Brees does his hard count, and everyone’s fears in the world of Bengal Football were confirmed. The Bengals defense jumps offside’s. The penalty gives the Saints a first down.

The Bengals lose…………………………again.

The Bengals are a terrible franchise. They have had only a few winning years in the last 20 years, since Mike Brown took over the franchise from his deceased father. The first thing Mike did was fire Sam Wyche, a fiery, motivated coach that always had a chance to win. I loved Sam Wyche because he thought outside the box all the time. He always was competitive and it was fun to watch his teams play on the field. He went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneer organization and my loyalty followed him there.

The Bengals have been a terrible franchise since. In fact, as Marvin Lewis completes his contract at the end of the 2010 season, he is the fourth head coach since Wyche left, and none of the coaches have been able to take the Bengals consistently to a playoff game, let alone a Superbowl.

• Paul Brown (1968–1975)
• Bill “Tiger” Johnson (1976–1978)
• Homer Rice (1978–1979)
• Forrest Gregg (1980–1983)
• Sam Wyche (1984–1991)
• Dave Shula (1992–1996)
• Bruce Coslet (1996–2000)
• Dick LeBeau (2000–2002)
• Marvin Lewis (2003–present)

Rebuilding years are expected. For instance, the time between Forrest Gregg’s Superbowl appearance and Sam Wayche’s was five years, something at the time the Bengal fans thought was unacceptable. Nobody would have fathomed at the close of the 80’s that the Bengals would become a complete joke among professional sports circles and fans by the far off-year of 2010, and yet another head coach would be dismissed at the end of the season and another rudderless recruiting process would take place for another head coach.

So why are the Bengals so bad? They’ve had plenty of first round draft picks. Here’s just a couple.

David Pollack, 2005
Chris Perry, 2004
Peter Warrick, 2000
Akili Smith, 1999
Ki Jana Carter, 1995
Dan Wilkinson, 1994
David Klingler, 1992

Not to mention Carson Palmer, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, all in the 2010 season were they had only won three games prior to Christmas.

Well, the organization is bad from the top and all that runs down hill. Evidence of that starts with the emblem, which is just a simple “B.”

If it was my team, and I had a tiger for a mascot name, I’d capitalize on that, but not the Bengals.

I was at another person’s home just the other day, and I saw a grill in the back of his townhouse, and I saw that he had a Bengal grill cover, and that “B”was on it. I felt sorry for the poor man. What a sap. He must be a real sucker to actually go out and buy that cover to support such a constantly bad team.

That’s what I thought. What a wonderful marketing strategy the Bengals have.  That stupid “B” is the most lazy emblem I can think of for an multi-million dollar franchise. 

It’s one thing to support your favorite team, win-lose or draw. But the Bengals just make fools out of their fans, because they do not offer a product on the field that can actually win.

The Bengals under Mike Brown make emotional decisions based on arrogance and a belief that the answers are inside the box, within the rules of society. Their ego’s get in the way of understanding what it means to win. They hire “yes” man coaches, and insist on top down management. They have no recruiting and believe that money can buy them a good team.

The Bengals spent the money on Terrell Owens for the 2010 season without considering the impact Terrell might have on Palmer. The Bengals have three charismatic players that have their own TV shows, and two of those guys are their star receivers. Didn’t anybody in the Bengal organization think that there might be some chemistry problems on the field?

No. Nobody even addressed it, because they don’t have any real scouting and have very limited understanding of the value of leadership. The Bengals could have spent less money on someone like Terrell Owens and instead spent the money on scouting and brought in some really good, fundamental players that fit in the schemes of Palmer.

But no, the people who run the Bengal organization are the classic thinkers that material wealth can purchase leadership and victory. And they are noticeably confounded when all their effort only produces losses.

The way the Bengals could win would be to change their uniforms, and kick-start a change in culture. They need to hire a new coach that can run the whole show, someone like Jon Gruden. And they need a General Manager to allow the coach to worry about only coaching and promoting the team through the media.

But the Bengals won’t do any of that. They’ll cling to their old ways and think they can buy a championship because money buys everything else in life.

However, in football, money does not always buy you victory. Ask Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboy problems. It takes heart and a desire to overpower and destroy your opponent.

The Bengals don’t inspire that kind of mentality with that stupid “B.” An emblem like that belongs on the chest of a high school cheerleader. Not the face of a great American city like Cincinnati.

I finished listening to the man flaunt his worldly possession like a small child displaying his boy scout merit badges, and my first instinct was to pat him on the head and say, “good boy.” But I didn’t, because somewhere in Mike Browns past, somebody placated his ego in a way that put this curse on Cincinnati called the Cincinnati Bengals. So all I did was sip my wine and go back in the house letting the guy revel in his temporary victories, and I didn’t want to ruin his Christmas with my piercing conviction that he was as clueless as Mike Brown.

The rest of the men stayed outside and continued to discuss sports stats and who had what, or what the next item they’d purchase would be. The sport stats were humorous as though they mattered and had an over-all impact on the ability to achieve victory. There are better things to think about, rather than the time that Mike Brown threatened to leave the city if Cincinnati did not build a new stadium for the team. An inept city government put themselves in debt to build the palace, and now the city is stuck with a huge bill and a terrible team to play in it. The Bengals are a lost cause and not worth the speech.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Greatest Gyro in the World: WE ARE WILMINGTON!

It is a reasonable illusion for an outsider to believe that people came from all over the United States to see Glenn Beck in Wilmington, Ohio. And anyone that wanted to see Glenn had a chance, because he was all over the town.

Click below to see him address the crowd that was standing in 10 degree weather, about -5 with the wind chill.  See the Blog spot of this video on The, one of the best news sites on the internet. 

That address was after a 2 hour radio show, a book signing, his 5 PM show for Fox, then this little speech just prior to his big 8 pm show. In between all those events he took the time to meet many, many people and hear their stories. He made himself incredibly accessible for a personality of his stature.

The critic might listen to this clip and think that bringing 3 new jobs to a book store, and the prospect of a few more jobs here and there isn’t a big deal. They might also wonder why the crowd wasn’t noisier, because the audio sounds like a small crowd. I can say this much……it was quiet in the crowd because everyone was frozen. It was too painful to clap, and the roughly 1000 or so people in the middle of Main Street stretched from sidewalk to sidewalk and extended all the way back to the theater where Glenn’s tour bus was parked. For people with such criticisms I’ll say one thing to you……what are you doing to help out your fellow man? What are you doing to help the world around you….besides complaining? I have never in my entire life seen a personality like Glenn Beck do anything of this caliber before. Oprah comes to mind as the closest thing. But I know Wilmington, and I have known many people that have lived there for years, and to see the transition that Glenn Beck made on Mainstreet USA in downtown Wilmington, Ohio is nothing short of extraordinary.

But the event was not about Glenn Beck. It was about spirituality.

When I first arrived that morning I realized that something had happened in that town. The event was similar to a fair, where the street was blocked off from outside traffic. At the south end of one city block right next to the hotel, was the stage you saw Glenn speaking from. At the other end was a street vendor. In between those two things was a book store, a church, a comic book store, several craft stores, and the majestic Murphy Theater with the “Broke” tour bus parked in front. And the street was full of some of the most bright eyed and thoughtful people all gathered in one place that I can ever recall experiencing. The only way for me to describe it is that it reminded me of the good feelings you get from people when you attend church.

When people go to church, they are always on their best behavior. They tend to be kind to each other as though the eyes of God will take notice and grant them entry into heaven. So people drop their discriminations and anxious feelings at the door of a church and show a side of themselves they don’t show during the rest of the week. I have noticed that much of that image disappears quickly when church is over and people get back inside their cars.

That day in Wilmington, the cold and the nature of the event sifted through the various personalities of society, and all that were present in that street were easy to identify. If society stopped on that day, and the government stopped issuing social security checks, or stopped building highways or any of the services we’ve all grown used to, it would be those people who would be the leadership that would save society and help it rebuild.

Not that everyone was running around with crosses and praying to Jesus. In fact, the only time I saw such references were in actual churches. But, the people behaved as though they were in church, their manner was not instigated out of fear from the gaze of God because they were generally good people to begin with.

I believe more people made eye contact with me on that day in Wilmington than in months of traveling in heavier crowds. It’s because the concentration of people at that event shared in common a love of life, and a lack of fear from what others may see in them.

I also spoke to more people than I have in quite some time. Normally, I dress in a way that people find unapproachable. I normally wear Gargoyle Sunglasses, with an outback cowboy hat just about anywhere I go in public if I’m not traveling by motorcycle. It’s an old habit. Since I’m a thinker, it keeps people from wanting to interrupt my thoughts with useless chatter. That might sound cruel, but I’m being honest. I don’t enjoy being interrupted when I’m thinking, which is all the time. But, I do enjoy the company of people who are genuinely good of heart, and are functioning not from fear but out of sincerity. With that said, many, many people made sure to speak to me and my wife. They didn’t go out of their way to do it, and weren’t doing it in a fake gesture of hopeful redemption. They did it because they wanted to.

I’ve spent entire days at amusement parks like Kings Island, Ceder Point, Universal Studios, and all the Disney Parks, in close proximity to thousands and thousands of people, and I spoke to more people in Wilmington than at all those playgrounds of summertime pleasure. Ironically, the only place I’ve had such an experience of anywhere I’ve traveled was in Key West.

And that brings this simple banter of letters to the ultimate conclusion. People did not go to Wilmington to see Glenn Beck. Glenn was simply serving as a focal point of positive energy that thousands of people were willing to brave the cold and isolation of that small Ohio town for a chance to experience something authentic.

I could see by the people shopping and carrying bags of crafts and other homemade mementos that many had found that authenticity in stores ran by the good people of Wilmington. Others had found authenticity in the Churches, specifically places like the Sugertree Ministries, and the by now well-known chalk paintings. But my wife and I found authenticity in a little Mediterranean restaurant called simply enough, The Mediterranean Restaurant and Café.

It was a time of day where the sun had dropped below the highest buildings and the air instantly become colder. My wife and I were hungry and frozen solid. I saw a Kentucky Fried Chicken at the north end of town so we headed away from the crowded street packed with people trying to get their books signed by Glenn Beck at the bookstore. We passed the inauspicious Mediterranean place naively when my wife said through chattering teeth, “why don’t we eat here? We can go to KFC anytime.” I looked down the slight hill at the KFC sign seeking familiarity and I realized she was right. We came to Wilmington to have a bit of adventure on that Wednesday afternoon in the cold, and going to KFC would be short changing our experience.

So we stepped into the entrance, which was like a strange world because the first thing we saw was an empty hallway with a door on the immediate left. A sign on the wall said, “Welcome Glenn Beck.” I opened that next door and an enchanted world of warmth embraced us. There was also a huge line that extended all the way down a pathway that led to the kitchen. There was a fire in the center of the room in an open pit fireplace, but the line coaxed me to turn back into the cold and head to KFC. That’s when a few of those people I mentioned before spoke to me. “The line isn’t so bad. We’ve only been in line for about 20 minutes,” said a kind woman in her upper 50s. Then a man about four feet down the line addressed me. “I love the hat! That’s a great look you have there. Hey, the line moves fast. Don’t worry about it.”

My wife and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and decided to stay. We proceeded to head to the back of the line. The place was packed but nobody was angry or in a hurry. The people filling the dining room all had lights on in their eyes. I didn’t feel anxious to stand in a line. I typically hate lines, but in that room, with the whole day ahead of my wife and me, the warmth of the room and the good nature of the people, the wait in that line was actually part of the fun.

From the line we could look out into the large dining room equipped with ceiling fans hanging from the high ceiling. The décor was standard Mediterranean, the colors were earthy and on the light side for the most part.

Finally, after our toes had found their feeling again, the hostess greeted us and took us to a table that would normally seat four. I found it odd that because there was only my wife and I, the hostess didn’t wait for a table equipped for just two, given the length of the line behind us. She seemed unconcerned, and I wasn’t about to argue, because the aroma in the room was enchanting to our already hungry stomachs.

I looked up and hanging on the wall above our heads was a sign that said, “BELIEVE.”

For the next hour my wife and I both ordered gyros, which we’ve had from various places all over the United States. And what the waitress put before us was a creation of some remote artisan, not just a cook in the kitchen. The gyro and fries were truly exquisite and I found myself licking my finger tips just to recover the memory of the taste long after the gyro was gone.

We spent the rest of the day after that meal visiting sites all over town. We saw a lot of wonderful energy at the various events. The day came to a sad end when Glenn Beck came out on that stage like the host of a fine party and thanked everyone for coming. While outsiders of this experience would mistake that Glenn Beck was the focus of the event, all that were there know otherwise. Glenn simply held a party in the town and invited America to come and be a part of it. Once there, each person found something special unique to themselves.

And Glenn Beck knew it all along. That is the genius of a man that thinks outside the box. Like any truly good host, Glenn set the mood, and the rest was done by the people in attendance.

So was it an audacious statement that Glenn made, that Wilmington could be way out ahead of the rest of the nation in spirit, and that it could serve as an example to the nation of what our country should look like? I say no, because I found a unique treasure in the form of food in a quant Mediterranean restaurant on Mainstreet that overlooks the courthouse. The treasures of this world are not along paved roads and easy to reach places. All those treasures have been claimed in their ease by the rest of society, and the corrupt among us guard them like dragons sleeping on piles of gold. New treasure must be found away from the Washington DC’s and New York Cities. They won’t be found in the streets of LA, or in Beijing, China.

New treasures are found in places like Wilmington, Ohio and the thousands of small towns all across this country, otherwise known as the fly-over states. Glenn Beck was right…….again. All of us that went to that frozen sacred place and soaked up the new found treasures of that town can now utter ourselves to deeply comforting sleep each night with the secret knowledge that “We are Wilmington!”

The next time I want a gyro, my wife and I will drive out of our way to go back to The Mediterranean Restaurant and Café in Wilmington, Ohio, and we’ll enjoy our new found treasure and skip the KFC.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior