Opinions of the Blind

Progressives can’t argue facts because all their positions are based on emotion. So when commentators and writers point out the facts of progressive ideas, those people are attacked in an attempt to lower their credibility.

Jon Stewart is a comedian, yet he currently has the type of credibility in the media that professional politicians usually have, to the effect that President Obama endorse the Stewart Rally in October. This is because these personalities serve the progressive agenda, and they are encouraged to attack anyone that threatens that agenda.

Listen to this dude. He’s as clueless as a frat boy looking for a six-pack. It is impossible for a guy like this to understand why Glenn Beck is so upset on the phone call. Beck is an emotional guy that believes in what he says, and sometimes he can’t hold those emotions back, especially when the people on the other end of the phone are as blind as the woman he’s talking to. Yet this dude thinks he has a right to criticize Beck. Having a belief in something real is a foreign idea to the guy, so he can’t understand why an issue would case so much passion.

Listen to these kids. Why is it that young kids either still in school, or just out of school are so liberal? Because they are taught to be. Later in life, most of them grow up and become more conservative. But in the meantime they do an enormous amount of damage to our country with their ignorance.

The primary problem here is that many people functioning in our society are effectively blind.  They can’t see the obvious.  Yet they are given the ability to help shape public opinion, which increases the failures of our government.  It was Clare Boothe Luce that said “Politics is the refuge of second-class minds.”  True as that is, it’s the first-rate minds that end up defending themselves from the foolish second-rate minds.  And the masses accept it because in their hearts they are lazy, and enjoy with secret jealousy watching the first-rate minds get their chips knocked off their shoulders.  It’s far easier to be stupid and to maintain a second-rate mind. 

Rich Hoffman

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