American Imperialism: The Great Myth of Powerhungry Fools

I was reading about the radicalized Weather Underground this morning when an important question came to me. If America was functioning as the Constitution intended, how is America an imperialist evil cast upon the face of the Earth?

The rhetoric that has uttered forth from those pathetic creatures that radicalized public education as a “pressure cooker” of socialized ideology is purely planted subversion initiated by the KGB during the 50’s which struck American culture in the 60’s. The result is that in 2010 many of the foundations of American Culture are scrutinized to ridiculous levels, to the point where the supposed strength of our society, the baby boomers have divorced more, put themselves in debt, cheated, lied, dropped religion from their lives, and have become an ignorant voting block. They can’t take firm positions against drugs because they corrupted themselves as young people in college, so they do not properly instruct their children. That is the result of the hippie movement. It has been far more destructive than if we had become involved in a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. And the KGB knew that it was possible to destroy their enemy without firing a single shot. Such a concept is the premier strategy in the classic book studied by virtually every leader in the world, The Art of War.

For those of you that will insist that the above is paranoid fiction, I can’t help you if you cannot see the obvious. For you chose to be ignorant and short-sighted, our American Culture has been ripped to shreds over issues that are relatively shallow, such as Civil Right, Racism, and Feminism. The situation is so bad that one cannot even discuss those topics in a negative way without drawing a tremendous amount of criticism. That’s because all those topics are rooted in socialism’s social justice. Those are the projects of Marx and they have found their way into our culture through many back doors.

Nobody is going to argue that America shouldn’t try and be as fair to everyone as possible. And America has, as far as a nation can. The problem is when the above topics are used to create bloc voting, and to manipulate the election process. It’s not by accident that blacks tend to vote democrat. It’s not by accident that feminist vote democrat. It’s not by accident that Latino’s tend to vote democrat, because democrats tend to support open borders.

Folks, there is an open warfare on our society, and many people have been sleeping or just chose not to see it, because acknowledging the problem would require action that people just aren’t willing to get involved with.

We’ve let it go so long that radicals have control of what is considered normal and anyone that challenges their hold on American ideas is ridiculed so that peer pressure may kick in and conform the challenger to a consensus, and will be nudged back into obscurity.

These radicals came to power under our own complacency and trust. And they used the mantra that America was an imperialist nation. If the American people understood their own Constitution they would have known that such a statement was a complete lie. It is these same radicals that seek to expand government. Constitutionalist, as America was designed was to have a small government that would not be capable of imperialism. The growth of government into a “pig” state, as those radicals proclaimed throughout the 60’s, was advocated by groups like the Weather Underground, and the Black Panthers, and many other groups that used extreme radicalism to force weak kneed politicians to buckle to their wishes with more legislation, which equated to larger government to maintain the promises.

The new radicalism advocated by modern groups has given up the car bombings, and mass riots in favor of a more subtle method. In 2008, I watched the teachers at Lakota High School have a mass demonstration at the Board of Education and threaten to strike. There concern was wages. Two years later, when the average wage for those teachers was $62,000, the 160 million dollar budget was not enough, and the school board is trying to pass a levy to pay for the extortion that the teachers lobbied for, because the cost for those teachers are just too high now. When the levy failed for the second time, the school board made the announcement that they’d cut busing to the school, which is under 3% of the total school budget. They do that to inconvenience parents and extort their vote on the next election. The behavior is still just as radical as the tactics of the Weather Underground. The root cause of the behavior stems from socialism. But the method is not one of violence, but of economic extortion. The thinking is that if the people of the community won’t pay the extra taxes, and then wait till they have to pay for the fuel to take their kid to school, which is considerably more expensive. Lakota isn’t alone. That tactic is used all over the nation and the radicals that run many of the unions are just following the formula established from the Weather Underground.

America is not an Imperialist nation the way England was during its reign of an Empire. But radicals wanting power needed to shape public opinion in such a way to make a complacent people believe they were actually doing something wrong, so they’d support the expansion of a welfare state, and civil rights issues that subtly expanded the growth of government. The goal was an expansion of government to promote social justice and fulfill the dreams of Carl Marx. It really is that silly.

Quite the opposite, America is the only place on Earth that offers hope for all people of all races and religions. It is pathetic that the general population doesn’t go out of their way to educate themselves on what is true and what is false, instead of surrendering their logic to the ghosts of malodorous old hippie’s.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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