Meet Ayn Rand: My Kind of Woman

Here is one of my favorite writers. For those that think the current push against the intellectual controlled advancement toward of collective society based on Sir Thomas More’s book from the 1500’s is a recent development, here are some old interviews of Ayn Rand.

I enjoy her work even though she wrote in the 1950’s. It is quite refreshing to hear her speak thanks to this old footage, another one of the great miracles of the internet, and another reason Net Neutrality would enjoy regulating the content that we can find on the internet using the FCC.

Here you can see a person from the 50’s talking about the collectivism push from “intellectuals” prior to the pathetic riots on the campus of Berkeley on December 2nd 1964. It is extremely unfortunate that liberal professors stand at the gates of higher education, and that the push for moving society in that direction is a form of programming for entire generations.

Saying such things as Ayn says here or someone like me 60 years later may sound conspiratorial, or even paranoid. Yet the evidence of what Ayn speaks about then is all around us now. Look carefully and the evidence is abundant.

Are we lambs or the wolf? If you identify with being a flock of sheep waiting to be led, you can be led to a slaughterhouse. If you are the wolf, you hunt the sheep and even the shepherd.

Social programs are designed to make people identify themselves into sheep.

Where Rand proclaims herself as an atheist I think that is too general of a term. She puts her faith in reason. I would say that currently the idea of god exists within the 11 known dimensions of our existence, so it is foolish to proclaim that there isn’t a god. But her message of self-reliance is a key to personal happiness and social responsibility.

I like this following clip because the guy makes some nice arguments. However, I would say that he became sensitive to social issues while in college, like has happened to many college attendees instructed by liberal professors which over time has had a devastating effect on our populations ability to vote intelligently.

The institutions of control and social sensitivity use Colbert and the Daily Show to appeal to younger audiences so to diffuse free market tendencies like the increase sales of Rand’s books in response to the Obama presidency.

Maybe the guy makes a nice sentimental point. After all, it is easier to be accepted in a group environment as one would be in a flock of sheep. There is safety in numbers, and many would be willing to trade away their freedoms for a chance of such a safety net.

But I am something of a wolf, and I don’t have any desire to hunt in a pack. The concept of such flock like behavior is disgusting in the confines it places on personal liberty.

And I would say that Ayn Rand was a fellow wolf.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

17 thoughts on “Meet Ayn Rand: My Kind of Woman

  1. Mr. Hoffman, I do agree with almost all of what was said here…with one very minor exception….

    If you call yourself a wolf, then you must be prepared to hunt with a pack…unless you truly want to be a Lone Wolf — which is fine. However, please note, even wolves understand that only the “Pack” can bring down an elk, whereas a loner can only harass it and spend all of its precious energy harassing it, having none in store for later.

    Personally, I am a wolf as well. And I can say that I “can” hunt alone…but do not do so. I surround myself only with other like-minded wolves to hunt with…makes the hunt easier for all concerned and we get a bigger dinner as a result.

    just my 2 pennies 🙂


    1. Those are some decent pennies. The lone wolf however, can bring down the elf if it times its attack correctly and gets ahold of the jugular. A small slice is all it takes for the elk to bleed to death. Hunting in the pack is easier, but denies one the kill credit, which sometimes is more important than the food. Good comment!


      1. Thank you for the compliment…I do see this being a massive tug-o-war about “Lone” v “Pack” — each of us parlaying various, and valid points and such to counter the other.

        However, is it better to have the credit for the kill, or the kill itself? A female lion does most of the hunting for the Den, yet the Male gets more of the food.

        “Food” for thought…pun intended.


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