The American Biker

I have to laugh when I watch programs initiated by Progressives, because they assume that a majority of the American people will just blindly follow, and will play by the rules that they conger up. Progressives believe that if they create a law then they have won.

Well, I happen to know a large part of our society that puts up with laws so long as they can live their lives. But if those laws become an inconvenience, then those laws will be broken.

And if there were ever a revolution needed to wrestle the government back under the control of the American people, these same people would be the first ones to the front line.

I know many of these people personally, and when my wife and I ride our motorcycle all over the country, each and every one of them on the road waves to me.

Who are these mysterious people? They are the American Biker.

Anyone that has been to a motorcycle event knows what I’m talking about. These may be people on the fringes of society, but they will be the first to say enough is enough.

How would a progressive like George Soros and his Open Society Institute deal with the American Biker? They aren’t like minorities that will bloc vote so they can get free stuff from the government. They aren’t like the middle-class that will just vote to avoid a conflict. They aren’t the rich that have a stake in the political machine.

They are among the freest people on the face of this planet because they are free of concern and don’t give a rats-ass what anybody thinks of them. Now that makes them repulsive to most members of society. But when the going gets tough, they toughen up.

I would love to see the Huffington Post spew their rhetoric at the folks that attend the Sturgis Rally. Or the EasyRider Rodeo at Chillicothie, Ohio.

Or Arizona Bike Week

Next time you see a biker, you don’t have to sit down and have lunch with them. But if you see them on the highway, give them a polite nod, because their very existence will keep you free. The progressive philosophy does not have a way to convert them into the collectivism needed for an Open Society or a one world government.

Sorry, George. You won’t be able to control these people.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior