America’s First Christmas in Wilmington

It was impossible to take in everything that happened in Wilmington, Ohio when Glenn Beck came to town. I’ve documented my experiences here:
And here:

Glenn did a tremendous amount of very good work that I think captures the spirit of Christmas better than anything done on TV for years. For that, I want to capture for prosperity the essence of that truly wonderful event.

Here are some samples of the media coverage.

It was a wonderful day!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Progressive Footprints in a Media Snow Storm: Let’s you see where they’ve been.

To understand where people are going you need to see where they’ve been. Lucky for us, Progressives are arrogant in that they have left plenty of footprints in the snow storm of media coverage. So there is a lot for us to study.  Now, there is a LOT here.  So be ready to spend some time with this one.  I’ve made the work easy for you to just sit back and watch. 

Progressives are an extremely dangerous group for those of us that embrace traditional values. So let’s study the type of people who are behind Net Neutrality and progressive ideologies. If you don’t know what a progressive is click on this link.
Take your time and listen to each of these, even though some are very long. I’ve watched them all and listened to the words carefully, and my determination is that these people are not masters of the universe, as they think they are, but are of the same mold as your typical car salesman. I’ve sold cars, credit cards, worked as a waiter, which is sales of food, so I know the tactics. These are just polished liars. I’ve met these types before and their words can’t hide their real intentions if you know what to look for. So study these clips for yourself.

Here is Al Franken.

Here are some real people from that represent the Hollywood left. Good people. I know some of them myself. But their idea of reading is not the same as mine, theirs, magazines, mine lots and lots of books. It is hard to listen to them without laughing to myself, because they believe they are right. In reality they’re just repeating what they were told by people like Soros, and are easily seduced by his salesmanship.

This is the war that is going on, progressives against traditionalist, not republicans and democrats.
The problem with this guy in the next clip is that the internet is already free. For the truth on this, click here.

Here is an attack on Bill O’Reilly, in an attempt to discredit Fox News because of its tremendous ratings advantage over other, less controlled networks.

And here is the master liar, Bill Clinton. We know he lied, just like all the people above. But watch him look at the camera and outright lie to you. Now pay attention to all the crap he says before he discusses Monica Lewinsky.   Much of his tactics are borrowed from the Delphi Technique

Here he is again months later. And again, study how he spins it. But still, compare the two videos, one where he said he had no relations, then this one where he finally admits it.

Remember the video above with Ted Kennedy. Remember when he was drunk and wrecked his car into a river where the woman with him died. Here’s his spin speech. See the pattern?

The truth: CLICK HERE

This is what Progressives want to do to the United States. They may not mean to, because many of them are as clueless as the writers guild people. But this is what will happen.

Stay informed and don’t let yourself be scammed and you’ll go a long way to saving your nation.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Chaos Before Christmas: The old story of government dirty tricks

Ronald Reagan arrived in 1949 at the third plateau of his political journey. First had come his disillusionment with the general bureaucracy as an adjutant in the Army. Then there had been his revelation at Jimmy Roosevelt’s that Communists were enemies of the Constitution. And now, having seen what happened when the economic order was forcibly turned upside down—civil servants becoming civil masters—“I shed the last ideas I’d ever had about government ownership of anything.” Ronald Reagan as written by Edmund Morris from the book, “Dutch.”

In the week before Christmas, guess what the government brought just ahead of Santa’s sleigh. On Tuesday the FCC took a power move using NET NEUTRALITY to get its feet in the door of internet regulation. And on Wednesday the President signed the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Act,”

Last year Health Care was put on the table, the day before Christmas.

So why do you think these large, controversial government power grabs are introduced and signed during the busy season of Christmas?

Because THEY know the American public is too busy to pay attention.

Glenn Beck did a nice piece on just this sort of thing and explains how public opinion is shaped. Listen to that here:

Think about it, why is “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” important. Sex is something that even human beings in extremely healthy sexual relationships spend less than 5% of their time pursuing. So why would we build a policy completely on the bases of sexual preference.

I could care less of there are military men and women that are gay. It’s a complete non-issue, doesn’t matter in the least. But I don’t want to know about the sexual preferences of the people around me. It’s none of my business, and really occupies a small part of my thoughts.

It’s all about the grand distraction. It’s about keeping our minds on these little issues while the big issues get passed under thousands of pages of law that nobody has time to read, and the public is too distracted to comprehend.

So when we get to a holiday, pay attention to what gets initiated, and that’s how you can figure out the intentions of your government, that you completely fund with tax dollars, in fact, government is nothing without our funding.

So why are we funding it to turn on us like they do? We should cut it down dramatically and take away the wheels that move it along because if all government has to do is introduce bills that are intrusive, such as that of Net Neutrality, they are absolutely useless. The internet has done just fine without the government. Their interest in it is purely out of self-preservation.

Listen here while Bill Cunningham discusses with a congressman what states are losing house seats and why. You will find this discussion to be extremely revealing.

Ronald Reagan had begun his adult life as an idealistic young man flirting with joining the communist party, and the general liberal politics of Hollywood. As he lived life, he had moved through the phases mentioned in the opening paragraph, just as many do who live life and have enough intelligence to adjust their views over time to correspond with reality.

That’s how Reagan became one of the greatest presidents and world leaders in memory. He understood the journey of arriving at conservatism.

The policies introduced though in these under handed manners, such as Net Neutrality, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and Health Care are conceived by people who have not yet lived real lives. They are dramatically flawed people who view the world with warped glasses shaped by unlived lives, and they try to inflict their wishes while the rest of the world is distracted. Because if normal people were paying attention, they’d put a stop to the non-sense.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior