America’s First Christmas in Wilmington: Thinking outside the box.

On my way to Wilmington to be a part of America’s First Christmas I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio and he was discussing the word GOSSIP. It comes from when the English would send spies into the colonial meetings prior the revolution. The spies were told to “Go Sit” in the meetings, and over time the word turned into GOSSIP.

You’ve heard the declarations that Glenn Beck is a fear monger, a hack and unintelligent gold standard stooge. And you’ve also heard that all the people that follow him are mindless fools. Comments like this guy, swigglewiggle from today’s Cincinnati Enquire comments section is typical from those types sitting on the opposite side of the country, who desire a collective society. That demographic is represented at Media Matters. They have clearly misunderstood Sir Thomas More’s book UTOPIA and that is what they want in society. They have gone to great trouble creating the impression of what is normal in American Culture.

(swigglewiggle wrote:

sick. This loon makes over 35 mil a year hawking himself and other assorted goodies. Remember one time he was wailing about the minimum wage being raised cents an hour. making over 35 mil wailing about it. Loser!

He looked a little like an overweight David Duke. They must be related.

You are right, he does look like an over weight David Duke and sounds like David Duke also. And the GOP wonders why they are the party of racist. It’s nowonder the GOP convention looked like a KKK rally. And lets not even mention the Teab@ggers
It’s idiot racist like this who Glenn Beck sells gold to. I bet this fool bought the WMD arguement also. Gotta love Palin voters. They are a dumb as she is.)

What eludes these types of people is that all those ideas perpetuated by the stalwarts of chaos, on the extreme left are far off from the reality of the American experience. So it is with great terror that they must sit back and witness Glenn Beck bringing his radio and TV show to Wilmington, Ohio on December 15, 2010.

I missed 8/28 due to the wedding of my sister-in-law. But I would not miss this, particularly since it was happening in my own back yard.

It is tragic that the good souls that bestowed themselves upon Wilmington, not just to see and hear Glenn Beck speak, but to participate in the Christmas spectacle he hoped to focus on that town struggling to recover from the loss of DHL.
To see a town like Wilmington boldly hold its head up proudly and enjoy a Christmas in America is refreshing in a world that has found itself sickened by progressive thought. As you look around at the crowd visiting the town in the 10 degree frozen tundra of Central Ohio as enchanting shops offers hot chocolate and other delicious treats to shoppers hungry for more than food. The crowd at Wilmington is hungry for spiritual essence.

The reason for the mass gathering at events Glenn Beck hosts are because of Beck, he is able to clean up all the litter that progressive thought has distributed into society, and wherever Beck goes now, that litter gets cleaned up. And people love the country they see when the litter is gone.

Wilmington is the essence of small town America. Ohio has many towns like Wilmington, and is one of the reasons I’ve always stayed in Ohio. Towns like Celina which sit on the shores of Grand Lake are what the country is all about. The ideas that founded the country are overwhelmingly evident in these small towns.

Progressives however, have taken over the coasts, particularly New York and Los Angeles. I like LA because of its uniqueness, and the film industry, but the city has a history being untainted with concern and tragedy, even when they happen. The city sits on a fault line and could suffer a major earthquake any day, yet the city ticks on like nothing is wrong. And that is reflective of progressives. The country under their rhetoric has moved on top of a fault line that could end everything we know in an instant.

But in small towns like Wilmington, they are rooted in the foundations of the country. New York, even though it was there from the beginning started corrupt. It was founded by pirates, and some of the first organized elements in the city were of organized crime. Small town cities like Wilmington do not have such backgrounds in corruption, and are some of the freest places on the planet of corrupt nature. People still wave to each other on the street and they still attend church and have spiritual curiosity. This makes them people rooted in self-reliance as opposed to the hand out culture you find in cities, where you need the bus driver or taxi to take you across town, and you may encounter hundreds of people a day without saying hello to a single person. In small towns like Wilmington, you don’t have a choice. Somebody will make eye contact with you, because that’s what they do. They have little to hide and aren’t afraid of you seeing it. This makes their societies collectively much more honest. Crime in such places is rare because the collective society is rooted in hard work and honest with a foundation in faith.

Progressives have created what America considers to be normal behavior, unfortunately. And the reason Glenn Beck is having success is because he is one of the few in the world, that is able to think outside the box and see that progressive behavior is not normal behavior.

On that same radio program Glenn discussed how during 9/11 some people actually went to their computers to turn them off after the planes had smashed into the buildings. The human need to maintain some resemblance of normalcy in a crisis is a powerful desire. And Beck was right. In general, the people that thought enough outside the box to get up and leave the building on 9/11 lived. The ones, who went back to their computer to turn it off, were stuck. And those were the same people that bewildered and trapped, elected to jump out of the building as opposed to being burnt to death. One can only imagine what thought process must go through someone’s mind in a moment like that, but the options were obviously limited. And in the absence of anything resembling normal behavior, people just jumped.

What nobody in the covering media understands about Glenn Beck is that Glenn didn’t come to Wilmington to help Wilmington. Glenn came to Wilmington to let Wilmington help him the way only a small town can.

The small town is void of progressivism, and that is the healing power of the small town. For me, I get my healing, my fountain of youth, from Greenville, Ohio where I compete each year at the Annie Oakley festival in the bullwhip events. When I’m in that small town, the world makes sense. Racism is gone from my mind and everyone else’s. The concept of hand-outs is shameful, and anyone associated with the government is distrusted, fair or not. Because politicians have a reputation of talking with a forked tongue, and small town Ohio does not like that type of person. But that is why the small town can restore faith in even the most faithful, such as Glenn Beck.

Beck has spent the last year under tremendous fire from the “organized” elements of the “progressive” movement. And even though Beck has been valiant in his solitary fight that people are just now waking up to everyone needs to recharge their batteries sometimes.

I am very, very proud that Beck had the ability to think outside the box and come to Wilmington to recharge his batteries.  Beck encouraged a town that would otherwise be considered economically depraved, and on the cusp of collapse, to let the spirit of the town restore the faith of a media tycoon like Glenn Beck so that he may continue to do the good work that this nation is in desperate need of.  

All Media Matters is able to do with all the money and influence at their disposal, is spread gossip.  I saw the truth for myself in the 10 degree temperatures on a blustery Ohio night.  The warmth of the people who came to Wilmington was proof of that insidious gossip that emits from those left thinking, crooked tongued utopians stuck inside the box.  The rest of us are stepping out of those confining boxes and finding that the world outside is full of possibilities.      

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior