Throwback Game at Tampa Bay: Always a great show!

One thing you can always count on at Raymond James Stadium, is the Glazer Family will put everything they can into a Buccaneer game.  And that’s what happened at the recent throwback game against the Falcons.

The uniforms were fun to look at.  I am always impressed with the way they arrange the stadium during events like this.  And the most notable improvements is with the cheerleaders.  Their outfits are always well done and fashionable.   

First class. 

Too bad in Cincinnati, the Bengal organization doesn’t understand the role football plays in a city. 

That’s why the Buccaneers are playing for a wild  card spot just one year after completely reorganizing their team, and the Bengals can’t win if they tried.  It all starts in the front office.  Just like everything in life. 

Leadership is contagious, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneer organization has leadership at every single position from the office to the position players.  And it shows in the end result. 

They may not win every time, but they’re always fun to watch. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior