The Lie of Feminism: A Mountain of Work that has to be Undone.

Women have been ripped off!

It has been brought to my attention the ProLakota website on Facebook labeled me as a sexist during the campaign. I was made aware of it because I’m a pretty busy person and such things are trivial in the grand scheme of things. However, because the accusation is leveled in my direction, I need to address it.

Jake Greers is the young fellow that is running things for Pro Lakota. It is sad that he doesn’t understand how he’s being used, but that’s a topic for another article. He’s in much the same situation as this sad little boy in London.

As far as being a sexist, I find those types of accusations to be tripe. How can some kid of his age have any knowledge of what a sexist is? All he knows is what his environment, shaped by MTV, and organized labor through the mouths of the teachers around him, and his own experience, which is greatly lacking under the age of 18. In fact, he has a whole lifetime of learning to do before he even has the right to make statements like that. All he is doing is repeating what the adults around him, who have much to lose in the structures they’ve created at taxpayer expense, have been saying to protect themselves.

A sexist! Me? I have been married for a long time. I’ve raised two daughters. And I’ve watched over 40 years of feminist experimentation……………………I have my opinions on the matter. And my opinion is that the social experiment of feminism is a ridiculous failure now in the context of some historical test data.

The data for those test results are in. Women are collectively unhappy in the roll they’ve attempted to live up to. The promises given to them by the media, such as fashion commercials, their parents that swallowed the whole blue pill and the rest of society that just wanted to try something new were complete lies. The root of some of these beliefs can be seen in this old Enjoli commercial.

What happened was that while women proved to men that they weren’t needed and a woman could in fact survive on their own without a man, men have stopped being men. The destruction of the traditional roles perpetuated by the feminist movement has cheated women out of relationships with men that were truly nurturing.

Nobody is saying that it was always perfect. Men that took to drink and abused their wives and children are the extreme crises in the other direction. But feminism has not been the answer.

Human beings need to understand what their jobs are not only in a relationship, but also in society. All the blurred lines have only caused enormous amounts of confusion.

My experience with women, which as noted, is extensive, informs me that deep down inside, most every woman desires in her relationship with a man a role similar to the role she plays in sex. That is a passive, receiving role. Women who profess otherwise are neurologically off balance. Every woman I’ve ever known which argues the fact will fit in this description. Is it any coincidence that so many in this modern age are taking medication for depression and similar disorders?

I am aware that this is a controversial statement. And my position on this is clear under my Ten Rules to Live by. Respect for women is a paramount concern for me.

But being a man requires understanding what a woman expects. A man needs to know what the rules are. In all times in human history there are important rituals that inform the men and the women what society expects of them.

In order to satisfy the ideology of people like Margaret Sanger, politicians, and pharmaceutical companies as well as cosmetics proposed that a woman can be everything at all times.

Here is a Revlon commercial from 1979. Here the woman is doing just that, she’s everything to everyone.

Here’s another from 1973.

And here is Brooke Shields reading from a book to appear that she is studying. But the way she crawls on the floor it’s all about selling her assets.

Over the years, film has informed our society what is the correct behavior for women. It is inescapable that Hollywood has handed out Academy awards to women who do nude roles in their films. And a large amount of actresses have portrayed hookers, or otherwise loose women. How is this good for women’s self esteem? Isn’t this a contrary message from what feminism professes?


The box office is the way society votes, and the bottom line is that society will only buy into feminist roles if the woman takes off her clothes. It’s that simple. It’s not the feminist ideas in the films that sell tickets. Its breasts and women naked in a bed, the bottom line is the mother goddess model will always sell a movie ticket.

Anne Hathaway has learned that.   I’m really dissapointed in Anne.  But she wants an Oscar.

For complete stats Click here:
In fact, since 1990, of the 20 actresses that won an Oscar for their roles in film, 19 of them took their clothes off for their roles.

This is the result of feminism, the end result, the accomplished objective. This is what has been accomplished after almost a century of feminist pursuits. Note the woman at the end of this next video. She has been reduced to wearing Trojan stickers over her breasts. A young boy casually smacks her butt, without respect at all. This young girl will have to explain to her children someday why she did this video, and what was on her mind at the time. The tragedy is that what small child would ever look up to a mom with a past like this? The girl thinks it’s funny now, because all the boys are paying attention to her. But she won’t in a few years when she’s a used up piece of flesh that nobody will take serious.

If young girls make it easy for young boys to have sex with them, all the young boys are going to do is be done with the act of sex quicker, so they can go back and play XBox with their friends.

When feminism struck our nation like a disease, the pursuit of equality for women resulted in diminishing them to the level of man. Therefore, the man no longer has anything to live up to, because now the woman is at his level. That behavior is evident in the above video. The boys don’t respect that girl. They just want to have sex with her then move on to something else leaving to fill her to the role of basically a used up condom.

How does this improve society?

Margaret Sanger and the gang have failed miserably in their beliefs. The evidence is all around us. Her father Michael Higgins was a strong advocate of women’s suffrage and free education, sound familiar? Margaret was a frequent contributor to the socialist party paper called The Call. These are the types of people that shaped the opinions of our modern age, opinions that were not filtered with intellect, but with emotion.

It is not Margaret Sanger’s name that a woman cries out in climax when she is with a man. It is in the act of the man to penetrate the woman spiritually and physically that does the trick. Women that insist otherwise have rear ends the size of barns, and skin that looks like unkempt leather, and men do not chose to be with them, for obvious reasons. For there are plenty of sleazy women laying about on the beach willing to bare their breasts for free, thanks to feminism. And why would a man fight for an old used up woman that everyone has conquered when a young, relatively unused woman makes herself available to all.

Here is the hero of feminism.

So call me a sexist all those of you that don’t have a clue what it means. And you young people saving up your money for spring break and a chance to pluck young girls like coins off the beach, because MTV says it’s cool, I’ll stick to my way of doing things, because my way works.

Yours doesn’t.

The following may seem unsophisticated to the modern audience, but I will promise you one thing. Twenty years from now, nobody will care about 2 and a Half Men. But even thirty years later, people still love Little House on the Prairie. Because the idea of family, a mom, a dad, and kids that love their parents is an idea that people will always hunger for.

All the other ideas that we now have to undo in our society, ones created by feminism and atheists, and radical drug addicts have to be undone. The trouble is now we have an entire generation that is corrupted with the negative effects of marketing companies riding the wave of feminism and Marxism.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior