Where’s this Little Boy’s Mother? The truth behind the London Riots

Where is this little boy’s mother?

You can dig into more of this story at The Blaze.com.

But here’s the core of the issue, these are children. They don’t know anything about the world yet. These kids are too young and naive to understand that they are being used by the real corruption of large institutions, and leftist mentalities to do their dirty work. There aren’t any guarantees that college will even give a young person a chance at success. Mass college participation is a fairly new idea. The world hasn’t seen the results yet. So far the results aren’t very promising. It’s usually schools that are involved in radical behavior. That’s how it was in the United States during the 60’s, and that’s where this radical behavior in London is coming from.

That leaves the question as to whether or not society should even endorse the current form of higher education, if all it can produce are radicals like these students, who don’t have basic understanding of economics, and young people with extremely high social expectations.

Again, the belief from all these people is that money just grows on trees. What good is protesting if the money isn’t there? It’s not the government’s responsibility to provide an education!!!!!!!

It is up to you! If you can’t afford it, work and earn it! Don’t be a bunch of spoiled brats looking for a hand out. And don’t be a pawn to socialist professors that are looking to use student protests to protect their very LUCRITIVE wages.

It’s all about money. Education is a service and if that service out prices itself that is the fault of the institution. Don’t look to government to solve the problem of excessive perceptions.

And that kid needs a spanking from his mommy. He certainly doesn’t belong on world wide news!

Rich Hoffman


When School House Rock, Rocked! A Time Capsule into the Past

If you want to see just how far the Progressive Movement has penetrated our culture all you have to do is look at School House Rock, from the 1970’s.

When I was a kid, I watched Saturday morning cartoons religiously; Hong Kong Phooey, Captain Caveman, and Land of the Lost were among my favorites.

Back then, sometime around 1974 to 1980 it was almost a guaranteed expectation that one of the below School House Rock video’s would air during commercial breaks.

These were useful and entertaining and helped a growing generation to understand their role in the country they lived in. You won’t find these types of cartoons produced today however. Instead, you get the Tides Foundation’s Story of Stuff, which is now shown in schools with public tax dollars supporting the progressive agenda.

When modern day educators and parents that are using public education as a convenient day care facility, or a chance for their child to get a scholarship using sports supplied by the school as a platform to exhibit their skills to colleges in hopes of getting a scholarship which will save that family some costs of higher education, keep in mind that this mind-set is only one generation old. School House Rock is a time capsule into a period before the effects of Progressivism had gained a firm footing in our country. The signs were emerging, but in our arrogance, we did not pay attention.

But now we’re awake.

It only takes a generation to destroy everything. It can take decades to rebuild.

Do you’re friends and neighbors a favor, send this to them so they can become aware of how quick and radically things changed in just one generation.

Rich Hoffman