Ted Strickland and the Passenger Train of Doom

Below is a letter from Ted Strickland pleading for John Kasich to reconsider stopping the passenger Train of Doom idea that has been in the works for a number of years, and is a progressive project embraced by that philosophy.  There is more to the letter than just words.  What Strickland and progressives in Ohio are doing is setting the stage of creating doubt as Kasich works on the 2011 budget. 

I had no idea prior to David Little being hired to come after me for the Lakota School levy, that there was even a Progress Ohio group. I discovered it while looking over Little’s resume.

Sure enough, Progress Ohio is a progressive group dedicated to progressive ideas; another aspect to our government that I hadn’t known was a major legislative influence working diligently within the State of Ohio toward goals the electorate is not aware of.

When considering how to simplify and reduce the size of government, or to reform education, groups like Progress Ohio place themselves as a barrier to that goal.

So it is with no surprise that Progress Ohio was one of the first to publish the letter from current Governor Strickland to Governor-Elect Kasich written on December 7, 2010 about all the reasons in the world why the 3C&D passenger rail service should not be cancelled. The letter was hand delivered to Kasich, but was posted in digital form on the Progress Ohio website within hours. That is how the game board is set up.

You can read that letter here before my comments below.

The trouble with these progressive groups and politicians, just like the trouble with organized labor, is that they are eternally focused on what was, and their measuring sticks are in the past. They need conflicts like racism, and the traditional labor strikes to advance their position.

The passenger rail is one of those items, built by a long string of progressive minded politicians, and yes, Bob Taft, a republican is one of them, passenger rail is part of a dying culture. The world is growing away from regional things like rails, and even highways and buildings, and moving toward more electronic, home based applications. Yet Progressives have entrenched themselves around such concepts and they stand firmly in the way of true progress which can only be explored in innovation and much, much smaller government.

Virtually everything mentioned in the letter from Strickland is an echo from the past where the true intentions are control and restriction, not options.

Ohio’s youth won’t stay in Ohio because there is a train. They’ll stay here if there are jobs, if there are opportunities, and if they can have a good quality of life. None of those things government can provide truly. Only private industry and individual innovation will solve our problems.

Such letters as the former governor sent only serve to cloud the issue with contrived facts and distorted opinion rooted in a lack of intellect.

I hope Kasich does for Ohio what Chris Christie has done for New Jersey. 

Letters like this dribble from Mr. Strickland show what is wrong, and Progress Ohio is the foundation people like Strickland stand on.  And Progress Ohio is what is standing in the way of real progress by holding on to the past.

Forget about trains!

Remember, Strickland was governor when Glenn Beck covered this issue on his radio show last summer.

Getting things under control will be painful, but if we do it now, we can fix it. If we wait too long, the damage will be too great.

Rich Hoffman