Don’t Drink the Lakota Kool-Aid

I continue to hear this preposterous notion that people should vote for this Lakota School Levy in order to preserve the value of their home.  That comment, which seems to be the only argument left by the Pro Levy people, is in my view one of the most selfish, and uneducated statements someone could make. 

What we’ve learned over the last two months is this: the levy is about preserving very lucrative teacher contracts that extend to large state wide and national unions.  They’ve made themselves so large and powerful, a local school board can no longer deal with the influence yet we are expected to pay locally as though our school system is still community run.  This levy is NOT about children.  It’s about money and security.  Nobody wants or expects teachers to work for free.  It is excessive to have an average salary of over $60,000 per year plus benefits!  That’s called mismanaging the budget.  If a single teacher gets cut, or a bus doesn’t pick up a child, it’s by choice to protect very inflated wages and benefits.  It’s all about money and union influence, nothing more. 

Second we’ve learned that the deficit numbers have went down over the last 6 months.  They started at $28 million, and then were at $10 million, and now they’re at $4.2 million.  What that means is that once people pull up their boot straps, good people can accomplish a lot, and that’s what the No Levy People have been trying to say all along.  

And lastly we’ve seen what Pro Levy People are willing to do to win.  They’ll steal signs.  They’ll threaten large radio stations, and they’ll call people names who step up and point out what should be obvious. 

If the people who move to Liberty Twp, and West Chester only move here for the schools then they’re as shallow and selfish as the real estate agents who are more concerned about their own pockets then the health of the community. 

Don’t buy the Kool-Aid the Pro People are selling.  Visit us at for the facts. 

Rich Hoffman

3 thoughts on “Don’t Drink the Lakota Kool-Aid

  1. I do not believe home values would drop 10% because of one or more failed levies. But if by chance they did (and I don’t want this to happen), why would this matter? For my family, we are looking to move up in house. So our $150,000 house would lose $15,000. But the $250,000 house we are looking to buy would be discounted $25,000. So we benefit $10,000. So it looks like the only people that are affected are the ones that move out of the district (in the short term) into an area that hasn’t lost value which seems to be rare.


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