A Two Month Drama, The Battle of the Lakota Levy

A Chronology of the No Lakota School Levy Campaign,

New article in the Enquirer:

Lakota Schools basically got caught inflating the deficit numbers. They’ve changed the projected deficits three times since April. First at $28 million, second at $10 million, and now it’s down to $4 million.

What this means is that when pressed, the School System found ways to cut their costs without impacting the service to the customer, the community. Just think what they could do if they could bring their wages and benefits down to what everyone else was making, instead of the inflated wage the education profession expects now.

Check out that Enquirer article here.


There has been so much that has occurred over the last 8 weeks regarding the No Lakota Campaign, I thought I would put all that information in one place, so everyone has easy access to it. It would be impossible to put a link to every article here, but I must regulate it to just the key points.

• Here is the big one, the release of the top wage earners at Lakota, which exhibits why they have a financial crisis they imposed on themselves by lack of discipline.


• This is the first visit to WLW’s Scott Sloan Show where we reveled to most of the Midwest why Lakota and other school systems are drowning by their expenditures.


• This was the second visit to WLW, this time to Darryl Parks show on the following Saturday.


• To put things in perspective for much of the mail I was getting, from people who obviously don’t understand basic economics, I did a video which was featured on The Blaze.com, using a bullwhip trick I knew to explain the problem of public sector employees getting in the way of private sector needs.


• After seeing the video I did for The Blaze.com, The Enquirer did a story about my metaphor of using bullwhips to describe cutting unneeded costs from public budgets.


• After all the positive coverage, which came because the group I’m working with had brought up truly legitimate questions that seldom get asked, or dealt with in the press, the Pro Levy people decided to attack the largest voice that had helped us ask those basic questions. As usual with public employees, they seek to silence anyone that questions them. “They use the squeaky wheel gets the grease” trick and hope if they yell loud enough they can silence any criticisms leveled in their direction. This is the standard organized strategy using The Delphi Technique in order to build consensus among voters. Lucky for us, 700 WLW had the guts to stick with the story.


• Due to the request of many of the Pro Levy people who started to see the error of their own view points, I published a budget idea so they could see that there were actually options to what the school system had been telling them.


• Then I published the numbers of how much the State of Ohio had cut from Lakota and reviewed the previous levy attempt in May of 2010.


• And I summed up the situation involving all parties involved in the Lakota School Levy.


• We received a letter from a person that is very much against the school levy that has children in the school system. I published it here to remind everyone why fighting this levy was important.


• Here I show a collection of interviews that show that Lakota should have seen the financial crises coming, but did not act in time to avert any potential trouble. Instead of dealing with the true problems, they reverted to just asking the tax payers of the community for more money.


• The Pro People went on the Scott Sloan show to try to refute everything the No Levy people, and specifically, I had been saying. What ended up happening was Scott Sloan read the Lakota Teachers contract on the air, which proved to be indefensible.


• By popular request, I did another whip trick video to explain the difference in budgets from what a Yes vote gives the district, and what a No vote gives, and why establishing a budget amount is important.


• At the Lakota School Board Meeting on October 11th, 2010 the No Lakota Levy people showed up in force to speak out against the levy in front of the board. Virtually no Pro Support people showed up to speak in favor of an indefensible and audacious levy increase to impose upon an economically ravaged community.


• Some kids were caught trying to steal our No Lakota signs which point to a larger, more organized attempt to steal away the opposition’s message in order to sneak the tax through with uninformed voters.


  • Here I am on WLW again to discuss the sign theft and other dirty tricks that have occurred.

Rich Hoffman


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